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26/08/11 :: Lo Bit Underground vol.2 :: BSK, Maru + more! @ the star and shadow Cinema

Lo-bit Underground Vol.2

26.08.11 – 20.00 till 02.00 – £4 entry @ The Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle Upon Tyne.




Cerebral Scars(UK)
The Tinfoil Hat Brigade(UK)

Friday – 26.08.11

Doors open at 19.30
Show starts at 20.00 till 02.00

£4 Entry


‘Lo-bit Underground’ is an Electronic music showcase event which platforms a national and global presence of varying Musicians that specialise in using video game hardware to produce, compose and arrange their music. Also known as ‘Chiptune’ or ‘Chipmusic’.

In it’s second event running, we have two exclusive Japanese guests musicians who are well acknowledged globally for their music. ‘Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou (BSK)‘ and ‘Maru’. Hailing all the way from Fukuoka, a city capital situated on the northern shore of the island Kyushu in Japan. They bring together a unique attendance for this event.

We are holding the event at Newcastle’s only volunteer / Anarchist run cinema ‘The Star and Shadow cinema’. With this particular music scene having underground roots with a strong D.I.Y presence and culture. We felt it was just as essential to establish association with a local grassroots venue.

Devices such as the Commondore 64 and Nintendo Game Boy are repurposed into the service of original high-impact electronic music and visuals. Sidestepping gaming culture and instead exploring technology’s untapped potential of intrinsic characteristics.

‘Lo bit Underground’ presents a vivid night of electronic music performances with musicians using lo-bit technology to create high-end music.

(Tickets on sale at the door on the day of the event)

Also as part of BSK’s + Maru on slaughtering EU Tour ! – [url][/url]



Facebook event: [url][/url]

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The Star and Shadow Cinema
Stepney Bank
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear

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