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LittleGPTracker updated to 1.2a_044

Here’s a quick list of the fixes/features of the last ghetto:

  • caanoo: Fixed title offset for screwey LCD placement
  • caanoo: Fixed crash on exit
  • dingoo: Fixed bug with filter select & pattern corruption
  • dingoo: Removed pre-mapping of volume
  • all: Full browsing capabilities in project selection (thanks to spause for that)
  • all: Fixed DLAY not working on effect column 2
  • all: Fixed PFIN not in alphabetical order
  • all: Fixed ITRG not processed on a step that had just been HOP’ed on
  • all: Added command for Feedback modification: FBMX & FBTN
  • all: Reduced level of sample preview to avoid ear blowing issues
  • all: Tempo nudging with B+LEFT/RIGHT on tempo field (project screen)
  • all: B+START in live mode triggers the pattern immediately (i.e. doesn’t wait for the end of the chain like START+START)


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