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Kulor — Alter Ego OST

“Once upon a time Denis Grachev made a game for the ZX Spectrum. The game was called Alter Ego and it was pretty sweet, so Shiru decided to do an NES port. Since the ZX Spectrum couldn’t really handle playing music while running a game at the same time, the original version of the game had no music. That’s where I came in! Using Famitracker to interface with Shiru’s NES music engine, I created a soundtrack which would fit in the <9 KBs available. Shiru’s engine gave me 31 instruments to work with, no possibility of changing duty cycle outside of at the very start of an instrument, no effects and no volume column…so the results were fairly limited. Those are the “classic” tunes.But then Denis Grachev got ahold of me directly and asked if he could use the tracks for a Windows Phone 7 port of the game that he wanted to make. I decided that instead of taking the lazy way out and saying “sure go ahead”, I would remaster the tracks and make enhanced versions using the full capabilities of Famitracker. So here it is, my first full game soundtrack and my first album release on Ubiktune! Hope you enjoy!Special thanks to Denis Grachev for making an awesome game, and special thanks to Shiru for putting together an amazing NES version! Also a special shout-out to the #ancat crew: lunardave and miau and heos and rushjet et al”— Kulor.

via Ubiktune: [UBI032] Kulor — Alter Ego OST.

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