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tracer – coda

Somewhere in the sea of darkness, the remnants of the S3M-32 interstellar reconnaissance rocket glittered in hyperspace. There had been the scream of the alarm, the tearing of metal, and then the explosion—the four rookie scouts, secure in their emergency pods, had been ripped from the chaos of the ruined ship and scattered like light through a prism.One by one, with the inevitability of time and speed, the pull of a strange blue planet wrapped invisible hands around their capsules and drew them down to the foreign soils and alien buildings of the surface. Each stepped out of the smoking pods, stepped out into a world of bizarre creatures and unknown words. Utterly isolated and far beyond the farthest interstellar comm links, they began to teach the strange civilization their language.In time, Headquarters recovered the scouts’ reports, written and murmured into the pod’s computer banks in the hopes that someday someone might find them. The distant capsules were only found thanks to the tracer module in each ship…

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Joshua Morse — Waveform 3

This is Waveform 3, the third release in a series of music, that Joshua started in 2007, and then followed up in 2011. This time, Waveform 3 consists of 5 songs, carefully composed to continue the legacy of its predecessors.

via Ubiktune: [UBI045] Joshua Morse — Waveform 3.

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Ubiktune: [UBI044] Various Artists — SOUNDSHOCK 2: FM FUNK TERRROR!!


SOUNDSHOCK is back! This is FM FUNK TERRROR!! — the collective vision of zinger, C-jeff and Tsuyoshi Shimokura, and the definite FM experience of 2012.

via Ubiktune: [UBI044] Various Artists — SOUNDSHOCK 2: FM FUNK TERRROR!!.

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beek — 7bit date: robot love


7bit date: robot love is a collection of chips I began tracking in 2008, with one song reaching as far back as 1998. In 2008, having recently graduated from university, I reexamined my chiptune past and decided to get back in the game. Life carried on, and years later, I remembered my original goal of a new chipdisk release.. Here we are today, 2012!

For 7bit date, I didn’t limit myself to traditional chip sounds. I make use of Amiga ST-XX samples in a few tracks — a process which rekindled some of my imagination, as I remembered this or that MOD from back in the day with each Amiga sample I came across. Another characteristic of my chips is to use no external/post-processing effects, just some occasional Schism filters, so the original .IT files will reproduce pretty close to the MP3.

All in all, folks can look forward to a varied collection of chippy goodness: funky, poppy, videogamey, with a splash of reggae and hiphop in a couple tracks”

— beek.

via Ubiktune: [UBI038] beek — 7bit date: robot love.

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subPixel — The Wave

“This album was recorded in honor of my uncle, David Calhoun, who passed in 2010. It is somewhat of a double EP. A six song suite presented in two versions, one recorded with live instrumentation and one arranged in VRC6 format for the Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom.

Both sides of this album can be played simultaneously in sync. Very soon I will be releasing an iOS app giving the user the ability to mix each song – channel by channel and on the fly – creating an interactive experience. Imagine turning a dial to transform a live guitar solo into an 8-bit shred-fest, just like on your old NES”

via Ubiktune: [UBI037] subPixel — The Wave.