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PR8: Version updated to 1.00

– in Song Editor, if the current (editing) Bar is within the Loop the Bar number is displayed in inverted text. This gives you an extra visual indicator of whereabouts in the Song you are making changes

– there is now a ‘INS LP’ and ‘PST LP’ command in the Song Edit Menu so that you can either INSERT the current loop into the Song (immediately after the current loop) or PASTE the current loop over the Bars immediately after the current Loop. See manual, Menus->Song Menu, for details

– there are now key combos to Insert or Delete bars in the Song Editor (see manual, Controls->Song Controls for details)

– when in Song Editor, tapping SELECT will ‘load’ the Pattern assigned to the current (editing) Bar and jumps to the Pattern Editor

Many thanks to Francis (X3CN) for bug testing and suggestions.

via PR8: Version 1.00 Release.

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