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FX4 | Jake Kaufman aka Virt

X4 is a concept album set in the oceans and skies. Its story immediately precedes that of FX3.
The album is free, and I am not expecting or asking for payment, although I appreciate donations — the proceeds will go toward software I need for my one-man indie game project.
Unlike the previous albums, which were written as “soundalikes” using sampled chip sounds, FX4 consists of machine code that can run on a real NES system. It was written in Famitracker, available for free at
The NSF format files are here:
If you don’t have NES transfer hardware, the NSFs can be played using VirtuaNSF ( — scroll to the bottom), or dozens of other players for PC, OS X, iPhone, Android, etc.

via FX4 | Jake Kaufman.

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