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FX4 | Jake Kaufman aka Virt

X4 is a concept album set in the oceans and skies. Its story immediately precedes that of FX3.
The album is free, and I am not expecting or asking for payment, although I appreciate donations — the proceeds will go toward software I need for my one-man indie game project.
Unlike the previous albums, which were written as “soundalikes” using sampled chip sounds, FX4 consists of machine code that can run on a real NES system. It was written in Famitracker, available for free at
The NSF format files are here:
If you don’t have NES transfer hardware, the NSFs can be played using VirtuaNSF ( — scroll to the bottom), or dozens of other players for PC, OS X, iPhone, Android, etc.

via FX4 | Jake Kaufman.

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ui – FDS

All these tracks were made in Famitracker using classic 2a03 + DPCM + FDS channels. Check the bandcamp release

Thx to jsr and baron knoxburry.


Anamanaguchi Spotlight on Last Call with Carson Daly

Also the world television premiere of famitracker!

 The Audio Perv.

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FamiTracker 0.3.7 released

Version 0.3.7 is ready.
– Added MML string copy/paste to VRC7 instrument editor
– Added VRC7 built-in patch display
– Added MML string copy/paste to FDS waveform editor
– Added pattern font size selector
– Added single instance option
– Added play option to FTM file type in file explorer
– Added context sensitive help (F1)
– Added Ctrl+select to do whole channel selections
– New effects:
* H = FDS modulation depth
* I = FDS modulation speed, high part
* J = FDS modulation speed, low part
– Shortcuts with removed keys are saved
– Fixed a crash bug when frame preview is disabled
– Fixed a sequence editor crash bug
– Fixed another VRC6 release sequence bug
– Fixed the PAL flag bug when loading PAL FTMs
– Fixed a pitch effect (Pxx) bug in exported NSFs
– Fixed a portamento effect (3xx) bug on noise channel in exported NSFs
– Fixed MIDI sync clock receiver
– Fixed a square channels emulation bug
– Fixed a song editor bug
– Fixed a problem when saving VRC6 instrument files
– Fixed a small vibrato export bug

via FamiTracker.


FamiTracker 3.5 released

Version 0.3.5 is now out with support for FDS and VRC7 expansion sound

– Delete key deleted two rows on the bottom row, fixed
– Entering an instrument column number moves to that instrument
– Fixed a bug that caused files with 64 instruments to not load
– Fixed export bug where instruments with empty sequences caused the file to not work
– New effect Sxx, cut note after xx frames
– New effect Xxx, DPCM retrigger, xx = delay in frames
– Added a feature to remove unused instruments and patterns
– Load/save instrument & DPCM paths bug on Windows Vista & 7 fixed
– Beeps on Alt+[key] removed
– Redraws screen on row highlight change
– Fixed pattern display when frame preview is disabled
– Fixed the inconcistency when using note delay and speed change on the same row
– DPCM file preview added
– CTRL+click in frame editor to queue next frame when playing
– Added VRC7 & FDS sound
– Added the note release command.
(Release-part of sequences is defined by a ‘/’ in the sequence string.)
– Shortcut editor supports combinations of ctrl+alt+shift
– Added a new vibrato mode that bends both up and down
– Fixed a bug that caused corruption when using undo after pattern size change
– Custom exporter plugin support is added