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8-Bit Operators • WANNA HLD YR HANDHELD, VOL. 2

Volume 2 out now, featuring 11 more crazy interpretations of all your fave Beatles tracks, both the hits and deep album cuts.  Grab both volumes now as a Bandcamp exclusive for one low price:

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CNB008 – ovenrake – “CattButt”



After weeks on the TransAmerican Chip Tour, ovenrake was on a rocky relationship with his Little Sound DJ cartridges. Exceeding the limitations with lsdj just wasn’t enough for Washington’s own, he also managed to exceed bandcamp’s limitations as well. Behold his vision of a 32 minute dance jam, CattButt, a Piggy Tracker induced mashup. This release falls nothing short from his previous work, and keeps yo’ heads ringin’. Below is a note from the desk of Dakota Clark, a.k.a. ovenrake.

I would like to sincerely apologize for the release of
“CattButt”. These apologies are owed to the
original artists sampled throughout this collection,
such as: Jennifer Lopez, Tears For Fears, and
Montel Jordan (to name a few). I also apologize to
the listeners who will be subjected to what my idea
of a 32 minute dance mix should always sound
like. I hope you can find the time to understand
the mistakes I’ve made, they were foolish and
reckless, so I gambled. Please just let this be so
we can put it behind us.

Rock out to it here!