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Positive/Negative Cross Country LSDJ Project Album

Positive/Negative is a 5 song LSDJ album made between S.P.R.Y. and Mega Flare where the Pulse 1&2 channels are written by Mega Flare and the Wave and Noise channels are written by S.P.R.Y. Their styles blend to form a truly unique chiptune sound! Download the album for free :)


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Cyber Thrash 2

The second installment of our streaming video show series.

Stay up to date on all the details here:

April 29th
Starts @ 7:00pm EST
Streaming via

Artists: Graffiti Monsters, Wizwars, Thunderface, Optimus Chad, The Ghost Servant

Video invitation from The Ghost Servant:

Chipmusic • Releases

Casval – The Tortoise And The Tomato Massacre

The Tortoise And The Tomato Massacre by Casval

“The Tortoise And The Tomato Massacre” was recorded using a Game Boy and LSDJ.

Chipmusic • Releases

Dos – Self Titled Debut Album

Hella Kawaii
33.3 minutes of shred
8 months into the making, Dos’s self titled debut album consists of dance, pop hits, glitch, dubstep, and too much flump. With tracks made on the Gameboy as well as Commodore 64.

Stream and Download:

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MXDRV Master Library

After 10 years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears I proudly present the MXDRV Master Library. Over 31600 songs, folders translated, truncated and put on a scsi disk image by eidis. Known working in xm6 emulator and quite possibly working just fine on real hardware.