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2011 Demoscene at a glance

To help you out when choosing your nominations for Best Demoscene Production on the TCTD Awards, I decided to throw this link up which has the TOP productions of 2011 on Pouet, on all categories.

You will want to focus just on the oldschool and “low bit” platforms, not anything modern.

While you are at it, DemoTube has compiled a playlist  of what they considered the best demos of 2011 on all platforms. It’s a nice ~6 hours of entertainment:

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Quebarium – pure (2011)

Nice little GP2X demo!

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Vandalism News #56

Legendary C64 diskmag VANDALISM NEWS gets the mandatory yearly release with a lot of inside information about the C64 demoscene and also a load of tunes by awesome artists like Johannes Bjerregaard, ne7 and Conrad, as well as graphics by Mermaid and Joe, two of my favourite pixel artists.

Get it from CSDb

Demoscene • The Weekly Demo

Batman Group – Batman Forever (2011)

Yeah yeah I haven’t posted demos in ages. Give me a break, someone needs to bring bread to the table and that is me. I will try to keep it fresh again.

Batman Group is a legendary crew from Spain that made a very famous demo on the Amiga called “Batman Vuelve“, back in the mid 90s.

As a call of attention to the Amstrad CPC demoscene, they have come up with “Batman Forever”, a fantastic Amstrad CPC demo that raises the bar for quality on this obscure platform and that wowed the crowd at the Forever party that happened recently in Slovakia.

Without further ado, here’s the demo

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SCENE.ORG Awards: suggestions welcome!

Hey, it’s me again. Long time no see. Yeah, I know I bailed out on you all, but life’s busy. We’ll see how it changes.

Anyway, the Awards are taking suggestions for nominations until January 5th!
How does it work? If you have a SceneID, you can log into  Pouet and suggest what you want for the different categories! Just browse to the 2010 production of your liking and scroll down to the bottom nominate it.

Hurry up, there’s not much time! After that I guess you can at least participate in the People’s Choice category (not open for voting yet)