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Make LA Game Space possible and get rare NES Cart Albums too!

I promised to use TCTD as a spam enginine for relevant projects, and here is a doozy.

What is LA Game Space?

LA Game Space is a nonpro?t center for video game art, design, and research, where people of all backgrounds can discover the potential of games together. The Space supports four core activities: Exhibitions, Talks/Workshops, the Artist Residency, and Research Labs. Everyone worldwide may freely participate in our events via live-streaming and archived recordings.

You can donate here:

Make LA Game Space possible—Best Game Bundle Ever for $15! by LA Game Space — Kickstarter.

And for a limited time you can donate directly here and get rare NES cart albums from:

We now resume our regular retirement.

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V/A – Handheld Heroes Volume One

Wow. Retirement break for this insane comp.

Digital Album
Immediate download of 41-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.
Buy Now $15 USD or more
Data DVD Version
Shipping to US+Canada is included in the price. Add one dollar for int’l orders.
DVD version includes:
– Full compilation in both MP3 and WAV format
– art files by Minusbaby
– Bonus modules / files:
— 2 famitracker files from Baron Knoxburry and Zan- Zan-Zawa-Veia
— 4 nsf files from Alex Mauer, Baron Knoxburry, Heosphoros and MisfitChris
— 1 octamed mod from CCDM
— 1 LSDJ Player ROM, which includes the tracks from BSK, … more

V/A – Handheld Heroes Volume One | Handheld Heroes.

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True Chip Till Dead

via Chiptography

When I started the website a few years ago, I was bored at work and missing VORC terribly.  The idea to starting this blog (using a : | Krew joke as the name) seemed like a fun way to stay involved with the scene even if I didn’t have time to do things like Pulsewave and such, and that it would buy me a few more months of interest in the scene. Here we are five years later and and I am now feeling the urge to make some changes for myself which means I won’t be working on TCTD any longer.

This is the first thing I stuck with and worked on every day for as long as I have, and thanks to all the people who helped with content, or retweets, or comments or ups, its been really fun. The time has come, however, for me to move on and take the energy I’ve put into this site and put it towards myself. I think the scene is doing better than ever, internally and creatively and there are a number of options people can use to get their news now. I won’t be accepting new news items, but I plan to keep the site up for now as a catalog of all the information I felt was interesting these last few years.

Special thanks goes to Brady, David, Akira, keff, and my wife for listening to me bitch, working on content, and fixing my numerous mistakes.

Thanks also has to go out to all the artists who’s work is cataloged here, as well as all the readers who’ve interacted with the site.

If you are interested in following my efforts in making music and writing junk take a look at my personal website and twitter.

Thanks for paying attention, good times are coming.

Chipmusic • Labels • Releases

esc – the future is a cold place

The future sure is a cold place in esc’s mind. Industrial clonks, apocalyptic thuds and claustrophobic feelings make up this SID release. Or maybe the weather is just going to be cold rather than the future being an emotionally cold place.


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blip festival 2012 – day two


blip festival 2012 – day two | saturday – YouTube.