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Gamewave Podcast focuses on Blip Festival 2011

Check out Episode 51 of the Gamewave Podcast featuring music from 4mat, Starscream, minusbaby, Peter Swimm and Henry Homesweet. Subscribe at or download individual episodes at

“Episode 51 of the Gamewave Podcast is special for a couple of reasons. First because it’s presented by Chad Williams, creator of The New Adventures of Captain S (something Mike and Joe first talked about on Episode 26), and second because Chad talks about his experience at the Blip Festival 2011, which took place in May. Chad plays some live tracks from the event, and we also hear from cTrix and Inverse Phase who were both present. Check out this great episode, and then take a listen to Chad’s regular podcast, JumpMen Podcast – a show about video games, movies, and everything AWESOME!”

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Assembly Summer 2010

It’s Assembly time, folks!

For those unfortunately poor or too far away to get to Helsinki for this classic event, you can follow the action on the video stream.

When there’s no demo-activity or others, you can see a shit ton of demos, so any fanatic should spend its time watching this for the next 4 days. Also, Syphus is apparently presenting some stuff there. Who’d be crazy enough to give this man a microphone again? :D

All the action on the AssemblyTV website, where they have many options to watch the stream if you are not satisfied with the in-built Flash player.

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STFUAJPGM Episode 4: Chiptune Live

The ‘zine-erriffic STFUAJPGM has dropped a new episode focusing on the live chip music experience.  It features some nice live jams, Act 6 of its serial, a few faux Game Boy Camera pics and a couple of cool interviews.  Check it out!

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The worlds premier chip podcast/art/thingy is out with text, art, and music by EvilWezil, Zen Albatross, Phlogiston, Malmen, and Cheap Dinosaurs:

This week’s theme: Travel Tunes

Act 1:

John woke up that morning feeling what he considered to be fine. His week was long, so it seemed essential to savor every second of his passing weekend. He began his morning routine by sitting down at his computer. No new e-mails. No new Friend Requests. No responses to any of his posts. It was hours later when he finally realized that he had spent his entire day pacing back and forth within the confines of his 200 square foot apartment.


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STFUAJPGM appeared

The best I can tell, this is a combination of Mixtape, compilation and literary device.  not sure if they plan to do this every issue, but you had a written narrative, and Shnabubula, NESMETAL, and SoundMatrix each took a crack at making music for it.

This week’s theme: The Story of a Hero

Act 1: Hero has awoken from what he thought was a nightmare when he realizes all of his fellow townsfolk are gone. The only thing that remains of them is the lingering scent of burnt flesh in the crisp winter air. Afraid at first, he shivers. He is alone. And at the same time a flame within has been lit. He must avenge the horrendous slaughter of the people he knew and loved. He explores his surroundings and finds a note which simply reads “You’re the only one left. Find me, so that I might finish the job.”