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STFUAJPGM appeared

The best I can tell, this is a combination of Mixtape, compilation and literary device.  not sure if they plan to do this every issue, but you had a written narrative, and Shnabubula, NESMETAL, and SoundMatrix each took a crack at making music for it.

This week’s theme: The Story of a Hero

Act 1: Hero has awoken from what he thought was a nightmare when he realizes all of his fellow townsfolk are gone. The only thing that remains of them is the lingering scent of burnt flesh in the crisp winter air. Afraid at first, he shivers. He is alone. And at the same time a flame within has been lit. He must avenge the horrendous slaughter of the people he knew and loved. He explores his surroundings and finds a note which simply reads “You’re the only one left. Find me, so that I might finish the job.”


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