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gwEm/Decade of Fragments/CDKr


Astonishingly dirty basslines? Check. Thumping Beats? Check. Samples from all sorts of various nooks and crannies in pop culture? Check. Christmas Song? Check.

Wait, what?

Most ordinary mixes don’t have Christmas songs, but then, most mixes aren’t by Atari and axe wielding madman Gareth Morris, who celebrates his 10th year of being ‘The One They Call gwEm‘. During a short period of not being busy from touring all over the world, from London to Toyko and almost everywhere in between, or putting on his own shows, or making his own Atari music composing software maxYMiser, gwEm has managed to make this astonishing 35 minute mix of old and new music into an unforgettable dance mix, that will surely cement his position in the chipscene for at least another ten years!

Artwork by noteNdo

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Education of the Noobz bei “Uwe Schenk trifft” teaser

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YM DIGITAL – Extreme Lo-fi

  • 01. Yerzmyey – Retro 2:20
  • 02. Yerzmyey – NYPD Hangover Chase 2:36
  • 03. Factor6 – GeneraliST 3:51
  • 04. Factor6 – Injected With a Poison (a cover of Praga Khan) 3:58
  • 05. Factor6 – Agent-X (“LSD” ZX Spectrum demo cover) 2:49
  • 06. Yerzmyey – Y M I digital? 2:57
  • 07. Yerzmyey – Cybernetic Celtic Wizard 3:44
  • 08. Factor6 – Drea:M 3:11
  • 09. Factor6 – Neon Love (a cover of Tesla Boy) 4:56
  • 10. Yerzmyey – Octopush (bonus track: Atari STe, 8 channels DMA) 3:56

Total time: 34:19

© 2010 by YM Digital

All the music on this album (except the bonus-track) is generated by YM chip of Atari ST.

Cover-art in full quality.

YM Digital are:

  • YERZMYEY (Atari 520 STfm, 1Mb of RAM)
  • FACTOR6 (Atari 520 ST+, 1Mb of RAM).

Music has been recorded from Atari 520 STfm 1Mb.
Via YM DIGITAL – Atari 520 ST music band. MUSIC – MP3..

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Dma-Sc Interview

French language interview with Atari ST chiptuner Dma-Sc.

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Excellance In Art – Talk Talk 2 – The Church of Excellence in Art (2010)

FANTASTIC Atari ST demo by super crew Excellence in Art.
Good art direction  and music, kind of gets too “demo-ish” at the end but I enjoyed it through.

Best of all, recently released! So this is fresh material :)