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Arkos Tracker appeared

Arkos Tracker is a freeware Windows-based tracker to compose music for the AY3-8912, a soundchip used in the Amstrad CPC, but also on MSX, Spectrum, Atari ST and many other computers in the 80’s.

Arkos Tracker is born from the native CPC tracker called STarKos, which I also programmed. It retains most of its features, extends some, and will evolve in future versions.

via [Grimware].

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Artcity: new website by Bitfellas

This is  weekly demo special edition! Since I am behind two weeks, I decided to post this related news item.

Once upon a time I used to go all the time to a site called GFX ZONE which was a repository of demoscene pixel artists, both old and new. Those fanatic of digital graphics and the demoscene probably remember it (you can still watch it, in its zombi state, clicking here)
Long defunct, I now found this site, recently re-launched, with a huge archive of pixel art to dive on. Run by the awesome Bitfellas crew, the site is pretty amazing, and a -necessary- stop for every pixel art aficionado.

Ah, the good old days when we actually DID antialiasing, and by hand.

Most recommended visit: Artcity

Illustrating this post: one of my favourite pieces by one of my favourite artists, “Too much clubbing”  by Cyclone, from Germany. Check out his gallery.