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Rytmik Retrobits for Nintendo DSiWare appeared

Rytmik Retrobits is an application for creating rhythmical and melodic themes and for composing whole songs. Its user interface blends the fast and well-arranged interface of classic drum machines with flexible pattern interface of popular trackers and with modern sound library. It contains more than 180 carefully selected authentic retro sound samples of electronic drums, percussions, bass, melodic instruments and effects from 8-bit and 16-bit computers and classic consoles.

via Rytmik Retrobits for Nintendo DSiWare: Pocket music station.

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D&D Sluggers – This Album is a Party

D&D Sluggers.

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when our bedrooms were once haunted

I just finished my second music video using (Flipnote).

YouTube – when our bedrooms were once haunted (animated music video).


Chipmusic • ds • software

Dboy appeared

Dboy – a 8 channels (currently only 4) tracker-style sequencer with some effects & Kaosspad-style sound parameters control for the Nintendo DS.

A first demo-set can be found here:

Chipmusic • ds • software

Seno DS Sequencer v0.9

This one came out of nowhere for me (did anybody try it?), and I haven’t tested it yet, but it looks like a free clone of Korg DS-10, judging by the features list:

* 8 Tracks , 8 Clips per track, approx. 16 Slots (Pattern)
* Track audio from WAVE samples or Microphone
* Track settings: Sample, Polyphone/Monophone/Trigger mode, ADSR envelope, LFO
* Transpose +/- 36 semitones (3 Octaves)
* max. 16 Voices
* Clip records 12 notes per step with velocity
* Choose different musical scales i.e Seno scale (A3-E5 Major),
Ionic (C4), Chromatic (C4), Major pentatonic (C4), Minor pentatonic (C4), Arabic (C4)
* Clip settings: lenght 1-16 steps, speed
* KAOS pads
* Live recording and arranging via Stylus
* BPM 40-240 and Swing
* Mixer with Distortion
* Loads WAVE files
* Loading/Saving of snapshots
* “Memory saving” sample managment

You can get more info, the download and sample packs at the official page