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Seno DS Sequencer v0.9

This one came out of nowhere for me (did anybody try it?), and I haven’t tested it yet, but it looks like a free clone of Korg DS-10, judging by the features list:

* 8 Tracks , 8 Clips per track, approx. 16 Slots (Pattern)
* Track audio from WAVE samples or Microphone
* Track settings: Sample, Polyphone/Monophone/Trigger mode, ADSR envelope, LFO
* Transpose +/- 36 semitones (3 Octaves)
* max. 16 Voices
* Clip records 12 notes per step with velocity
* Choose different musical scales i.e Seno scale (A3-E5 Major),
Ionic (C4), Chromatic (C4), Major pentatonic (C4), Minor pentatonic (C4), Arabic (C4)
* Clip settings: lenght 1-16 steps, speed
* KAOS pads
* Live recording and arranging via Stylus
* BPM 40-240 and Swing
* Mixer with Distortion
* Loads WAVE files
* Loading/Saving of snapshots
* “Memory saving” sample managment

You can get more info, the download and sample packs at the official page

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