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Various Artists — SOUNDSHOCK:


This is FM FUNK MADDNESS!! — an album of songs by 18 FM synth enthusiasts from all over the world, personally selected by zinger (founder and maintainer of

Bringing the combination of frequency modulated tones and catchy, funky grooves blended with a portion of jazz and idm, we cordially invite you to join us on a fantastic journey to a world where slap rumble drives the beating of your heart.


  1. Shogun — V.S.O.P.M. (3:32) | VOPM
  2. Blitz Lunar — Cascade Masquerade (4:11) | FM7, GXOPLL
  3. Kulor — Fashion Queen (2:37) | DX-7
  4. Keishi Yonao — Crush Roll (2:59) | VOPM
  5. Torben “Metal” Hansen — Cascades (3:55) | FM8, Zebra
  6. Bomb Boy — Ignition, Set, GO! (5:11) | Thor
  7. Virt — Five Nine Seven Eight (4:30) | VOPM
  8. hally feat. Seiko Kobuchi — utabism – a synthesizer boy (2:37)
  9. Tsuyoshi Shimokura — FunkOsaka (2:42) | VOPM, MDX
  10. Madbrain — Oskari the Heimfanker (4:38) | AdLib OPL3
  11. Utabi Hirokawa — Stop and Go (Ubiktune edit) (3:22) | Sharp X68000
  12. hizmi — Pendulum II (5:35) | Sharp X68000
  13. Simon Stålenhag — Ripple Boogie (3:14) | FM7
  14. zinger & bacter — Sky Stroll (3:59) | FM7
  15. Dong — Mirror Maze (3:05) | Toxic, Freqatic
  16. Louis G — The Enemy of My Enemy’s My Enemy / No Speed Trap (5:49) | VOPM
  17. zabutom — Endorphemeral (3:24) | Operator
  18. hex125 — pf (NRTDRV funk edit) (3:53)

Artwork by Tsuyoshi Shimokura

Released under a Creative Commons-License

via Various Artists — SOUNDSHOCK: FM FUNK MADDNESS!! | Ubiktune.

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IREM Retro Game Music Collection

IREM Retro Game Music Collection is an upcoming CD featuring oldschool Irem Arcadegame Music from Image Fight, X Multiply, Dragon Breed, Gallop and In the Hunt (Kaitei Daisenso).

Except In the Hunt, all the Game are running on the Irem M72 Arcade Board and use a YM2151 8ch FM Soundchip. In the Hunt runs on the M92, which also has a YM2151, but uses a PCM Soundchip in addition to it.

It has been scheduled to go on sale on the 29th September 2010 for a price of 2940 Yen on the TEAM Entertainment Label. There is no official Homepage yet.

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Zetauno (opl3)


01 – Sueño en Cyan nro. 1 – 4:54
02 – Ayer –  3:57
03 – Sueño en Cyan nro. 2 – 4:32
04 – Desde Otoño – 3:24

“A sleepy left-handed girl, who needs to take a nap at any time and put the sounds in the music player that allows her to escape from this world into the paths of a peaceful sleep”

Four electronic pieces conceptually putted together, in a minimalist and ambient style.

OPL3 used with reality adlib tracker and Adlib tracker 2, on an old laptop.

Licensed under Creative Commons.

Image (c) Tomo.Yun (manipulated by Ernesto Muñoz)

Zetauno (opl3) (Page 1) – Releases –

FM • software

Plastik - OPL FM synth for Reaktor

Plastik is an FM synth or more accurately phase modulation synth inspired by the Yamaha OPL chips found in Ad Lib and Sound Blaster soundcards in the 80’s and 90’s, renowned for its plastic sound. It should be noted, however, that even though Plastik was made to produce the same overall qualities as the OPL chips, and even has some of its unique features the waveforms, the fixed vibrato and tremolo frequencies it makes no claim whatsoever to be a complete or accurate OPL emulator.

via Gameboy Genius