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iYM2151 for iPad Appeared

YM2151, aka OPM is a single-chip FM synthesis implementation, an eight-channel four-operator sound chip. it was used in many 80’s arcade games and home computers.iYM2151 is the The world’s first FM synthesis music workstation app using YM2151 simulator engine for iApp.

[iYM2151 for iPad]
-uses YM2151 simulator engine for iApp
-4 operators per 8 Algorithms
-8 voices
-3 software LFOs
-max 99scenes (1scene with 64 steps)
-easy FM edit mode
-MML mode : programable huge FM parameters in every steps
-DUMP mode : realtime all FM operator parameters viewer
-song data file sharing and mail attachment
-good old days 80’s design user interface”


MATRIXSYNTH: iYM2151 for iPad.

Chipmusic • FM • Sega 16bit • software

DefleMask 3.9 Released!


01: Added DAC Control (Samples) to the YM2612.
02: Support for both 1.50 and the NEW 1.60 VGM FORMAT (The unique software so far supporting this new version of VGM, you will need the lastest in_vgm to play the tunes).
03: Removed Microsoft Redistributable C++ dependency.
04: Added a second Tick Time selector to obtain more specific tempo values.
05: NTSC/PAL value now is saved to the DMF files.
06: Now samples are selecteable on instrument list (only will play on the PCM Channel of the system however).
07: Due to a timing error, the YMU759 files size was huge. Now it is corrected, so the size of the MMFs is a lot smaller.
08: To make more clear the YMU759 Behavior, the unique ins that you can change is the very first one.
09: More optimization and some bugs corrected.
10: Resampling of imported wav files.
11: VGM writing optimization.

> DefleMask 3.9 Released!.

Chipmusic • FM • Sega Mega Drive/Genesis • SN76489 • software

DefleMask 3.5 Released!

The 3.5 version is released, this is the major change since DefleMask was released. DefleMask has passed from supporting only a Mobile FM soundchips to support 3 Systems at the same time. The good thing about this is that DefleMask was re-coded to manage a “plugin-system-like” soundchip addon. So the plan is to add more soundchips support and new systems.

So far, DefleMask supports this soundchips:

  • YAMAHA YMU759 FM Soundchip
  • YAMAHA YM2612 FM Soundchip
  • Texas Instruments SN76489 PSG Soundchip

And with this soundchips, DefleMask is capable to make music (on VGM and MMF format) for the next systems:

  • SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive
  • SEGA Master System


  • 01: Add multi-system support.
  • 02: Add YAMAHA YM2612 support.
  • 03: Add Texas Instruments SN76489 support.
  • 04: Add SEGA Genesis support.
  • 05: Add SEGA Master System support.
  • 06: Add a keyboard shortcut for Interpolate values.
  • 07: Add retrigger command.
  • 08: Add Instrument List and Instrument Column.
  • 09: Add effect for controlling SN76489 Noise Mode.
  • 10: Add VGI and Y12 importer on YM2612 Instrument Editor.
  • 11: Make max_fps value selectable under config.ini.
  • 12: Change the presets format for a better one.
  • 13: On YMU759 mode: Add note preview features when a MMF is playing.
  • 14: Add new texture for skins: volume bar.
  • 15: Re write the Main Manual and create a Manual for any system supported.
  • 16: Add Buffer Size selector.
  • 17: Add a realtime WAV exporter.

via > DefleMask 3.5 Released!.

FM • Sega Mega Drive/Genesis • SN76489 • SN76489A • software

Deflemask Tracker adds Genesis support

It was about time we get an alternative for Megadrive/Genesis musicmaking :D

New kid on the block Delek has been, for some time now, working on adding YM2612 and SN76489 PSG support to his tracker Deflemask, which before supported only the Y759 FM chip (found in many cellphones). The efforts of this young chipmusic enthusiast are coming to fruition very soon.

This is a cool new alternative for Sega Genesis tracking, since Delek is a very dedicated kid who is listening a lot to people input about his tracker,something all of us interested in Sega Genesis music making will appreciate I bet. Work is also being done about “exporting to real hardware” aspects of this whole deal, usually the hardest part.

You can be happy about something else too: your feature suggestions and bug reports will not be greeted anymore with a disgruntled answer ;)

Release will be online soon, so I tease you with a screenshot only for now.
Here’s a video of Deflemask in action though, in its previous version (Y759 soundchip)

Keep up to date with Deflemask news through this link!

Chipmusic • FM • software

DefleMask Public Beta 1 appeared

My friend Delek, who’s a very busy bee, has a fascination for FM synthesis, and he has created a tracker  for a rather obscure chip from Yamaha, the SMAF YMU759.

I been testing this for a while and the latest versions have improved a lot, and for those who love FM, this is an interesting chip to develop, specially since it can be found inside a bunch of cheap ass cellphones from yesterday and you can easily play back the tunes on real hardware.

At last some serious activity in argentine chipmusic! Please check out Delek’s Youtube Channel for some of his tunes, mostly for the NES’s 2A03.