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iYM2151 for iPad Appeared

YM2151, aka OPM is a single-chip FM synthesis implementation, an eight-channel four-operator sound chip. it was used in many 80’s arcade games and home computers.iYM2151 is the The world’s first FM synthesis music workstation app using YM2151 simulator engine for iApp.

[iYM2151 for iPad]
-uses YM2151 simulator engine for iApp
-4 operators per 8 Algorithms
-8 voices
-3 software LFOs
-max 99scenes (1scene with 64 steps)
-easy FM edit mode
-MML mode : programable huge FM parameters in every steps
-DUMP mode : realtime all FM operator parameters viewer
-song data file sharing and mail attachment
-good old days 80’s design user interface”


MATRIXSYNTH: iYM2151 for iPad.

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DefleMask 3.9 Released!


01: Added DAC Control (Samples) to the YM2612.
02: Support for both 1.50 and the NEW 1.60 VGM FORMAT (The unique software so far supporting this new version of VGM, you will need the lastest in_vgm to play the tunes).
03: Removed Microsoft Redistributable C++ dependency.
04: Added a second Tick Time selector to obtain more specific tempo values.
05: NTSC/PAL value now is saved to the DMF files.
06: Now samples are selecteable on instrument list (only will play on the PCM Channel of the system however).
07: Due to a timing error, the YMU759 files size was huge. Now it is corrected, so the size of the MMFs is a lot smaller.
08: To make more clear the YMU759 Behavior, the unique ins that you can change is the very first one.
09: More optimization and some bugs corrected.
10: Resampling of imported wav files.
11: VGM writing optimization.

> DefleMask 3.9 Released!.