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Chipsune 2.0 Preview tour

These are some new features that will be in Chipsune 2.0.

More info and downloads can be found here:

The songs that are demo here are property of Nintendo and Gamefreak, and are not included in the future update.

via Chipsune 2.0 Preview tour – YouTube.

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nanoloop USB-MIDI-adaptor

This adaptor connects a Game Boy link cable with a PC’s USB port. It appears as a MIDI port on the PC and offers the following functionality:

– Load updates for nanoloop 2.x and nanoloop one.
– Load additional 32k ROMs, such as mGB, on nanoloop one.
– Backup / restore songs from / to nanoloop 2.5 and nanoloop 1.6.
– Sync any nanoloop version to MIDI-enabled programs on the PC.
– Play the Game Boy via MIDI from the PC using mGB.
– MIDI signals from the Game Boy are forwarded to the PC.

via nanoloop USB-MIDI-adaptor.

Chipmusic • Gameboy Advance • software

Chipsune 1.23 for the GBA Appeared

Chipsune is a GameBoy (color) Music sequencer for the GBA. Why you may ask? Because GBA was limited to what it could do for GameBoy music sequencers. You would have to use an old cartridge, and those don’t work on GBA Micro, and NDS/NDS Lite. Now, you can use this on those handhelds, and If you Line-In record, there is a lot less static (compared to older versions of the GBA and even GB/GBC).


Chipmusic • Gameboy Advance • hardware

nanoloop USB-adaptor appeared

This adaptor connects a Game Boy with a PC via link cable and USB port. It allows to update nanoloop 2.x (2.2 or higher) carts and to backup/restore data from/to nanoloop 2.5.

The adaptor is a bare PCB, shaped to fit into a link cable’s plug and a USB port. Electronic parts are coated with a shrink tube.

Oliver also mentioned on 8bc that “the nanoloop USB adaptor ( will also be available with a MIDI-firmware which does exactly the same (appear as MIDI device, sync Game Boy to PC). for about $10.”


– a Game Boy Advance (DS doesn’t work due to lack of link port)
– a link cable (any Nintendo or 3rd party model will do)
– a PC with Windows

via nanoloop USB-adaptor.

Chipmusic • Gameboy Advance • hardware

GameBoy Advance as a MIDI synthesizer Project appeared!

The AVR-code is implemented as a bootloader, with the GBA code as the ‘main program’. This may seem weird because the main program is ARM-code to be executed by the GBA and completely unusable by the AVR, but it has the advantage that the main code can now update the ARM code over the MIDI port. Basically, this makes it possible to convert a newer version of the synth code to a .mid-file. When you send this file to the MIDI input, the firmware gets updated.

The GBA code that sits in the rest of the AVRs program memory is the actual synthesizer. It is divided in three parts: a routine that receives MIDI bytes from the AVR, an user interface to display on the GBAs LCD, a tiny sequencer and the routines that actually make the noise. The routines export most of the knobs and settings the original GameBoy hardware has to the user interface and MIDI control channels. It also has a polyphonic DDS-based soft-synth, with modifiable waveforms.

Sprites mods – GameBoy Advance as a MIDI synthesizer – Software.