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nanoloop USB-adaptor appeared

This adaptor connects a Game Boy with a PC via link cable and USB port. It allows to update nanoloop 2.x (2.2 or higher) carts and to backup/restore data from/to nanoloop 2.5.

The adaptor is a bare PCB, shaped to fit into a link cable’s plug and a USB port. Electronic parts are coated with a shrink tube.

Oliver also mentioned on 8bc that “the nanoloop USB adaptor ( will also be available with a MIDI-firmware which does exactly the same (appear as MIDI device, sync Game Boy to PC). for about $10.”


– a Game Boy Advance (DS doesn’t work due to lack of link port)
– a link cable (any Nintendo or 3rd party model will do)
– a PC with Windows

via nanoloop USB-adaptor.

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