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little-scale’s GenMDM Sega Genesis/Megadrive MIDI interface available for pre-order


Now you can use your 16-bit Sega’s FM (and PSG) sounds in your modern audio rig!
For 85 AUD (~ 87 USD/67 EUR) you can get this interface/cartridge combination that will let you control your Sega through MIDI from the MIDI sequencer of your choice.

First units are scheduled to be shipped “on or before Thursday, 17th May, 2012”.

Head over to little-scale’s website to pre-order one of these fantastic devices!

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Blip Festival Australia 2012 Rom Flier

Works on real hardware, try the ROM out in your favorite emulator!

Note: Switch to 240p to run at the full 60fps.

Code: Batsly Adams (
Gfx: Wazpy
Music: Animal Style (

February 17th and 18th marks the first time that the world’s premiere chipmusic festival makes in to the Southern Hemisphere with Blip Festival Australia.

New York’s 8bitpeoples have presented Blip Festivals in the US, Europe and Japan since 2006 and now it’s Melbourne’s turn to experience two days of hard hitting low-tech chip mastery from some of the world’s foremost names in the chipmusic scene. The line up will feature a selection of artists from across Australia and around the world to present an arresting display of Audio-Visual performances that will rock one of Melbourne’s best known live music venues – The Evelyn Hotel.

Blip Festival showcases artists from as far afield as the UK, Germany and US – many of whom are performing in Australia for the first time – as well as superstars of the local scene. There will be launches of new material, a variety of genres and styles to suit everyone’s taste and a whole lot of high energy, lo-fi audiovisual magic, the likes of which Australia has never seen before.

via Blip Festival Australia 2012 – Genesis/Megadrive Flyer – YouTube.

Chipmusic • Sega Mega Drive/Genesis • software

DefleMask 4.0 Released

01: Added NOTE OFF command to the Samples on GENESIS.
02: Button Added: SAVE ROM, this button will call to the the internal ROM Builder automatically, to convert the VGM to a BIN file.
03: The ROM builder is a new and exclusive VGM_Play version (it support VGMs 1.60), thanks MJS!.
04: Added Global Shrink and Global Expand buttons.
05: Added keyboard shortcut for local Shrink and local Expand (CTRL+S and CTRL+E).
06: Added support for backwards Bxx command and then, with this effect, you can create looped VGMs.
07: The performance of audio playback and buffering is way better now.
08: Added support for YM2612 “.ins” presets from MVS Tracker.
09: Max Value now is 0xFF, recalibrate your volumes please.
10: Emulators now are included inside DefleMask, in order to make the port to other SOs without Microsoft DLLs issues.
11: Now you can use the entire YM2612 octaves, from 0 to 8.
12: Faster Wav Exporting.
13: ESC key, Left Mouse Button or Enter key will skip the startup screen.
14: NTSC and PAL timing more accurate.
15: DAC/PCM Writing more accurate.
16: Data folder renamed to Extras, inside it you will found VGM_Play, the lastest in_vgm Winamp Plugin and more.
17: Solved a bug with the vertical scroll under Instrument Editor mode.
18: Fixed some compatibility issues with some versions of Windows 7.
19: A lot of bugs fixed.
20: Manual Updated.

> DefleMask 4.0 Released.

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis • videos

little-scale and Dot.AY: Music for Eight SEGA Mega Drives Video

little-scale: little-scale and Dot.AY: Music for Eight SEGA Mega Drives Video.

Chipmusic • Sega Mega Drive/Genesis • software

DefleMask 3.8 Released!

01: Standard Effect Added: 7xy Tremolo
02: Standard Effect Added: Bxx Position Jump
03: Standard Effect Added: Dxx Pattern Break
04: Added a row highlight selector and the settings are saved on config file.
05: Lastest resolution of the Window is saved on config file.
06: Copy/Cut/Paste actions now are more intuitive.
07: Default skin updated by Degen Seven.
08: Added a button to switch between the Instrument List and the Pattern Matrix.
09: Added a new texture for skins: Bar.
10: Added a new texture for skins: Arrows.
11: Added a nice transparency effect for the index sidebar.
12: Added a nice transparency for DefleMask Logo.
13: Moving a multiple selection with Insert and Backspace was not working.
14: Manual updated.
15: Corrected some bugs.

> DefleMask 3.8 Released!.