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DATATHRASH MIXTAPE 2 | Datathrash Recordings

DATATHRASH MIXTAPE 2 | Datathrash Recordings.

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Releases from CulturaChip forums

In the realms of CulturaChip you can find a constantly growing community, based as a central point of meeting of musicians, coders, graphic artist and enthusiasts of the retroarts from countries where spanish and portuguese are spoken.

It’s mainly composed as a conglomeration of forum+mail list+wiki+irc+metanetlabel, where the forum conform the battlefield arena for sharing your last work and that’s where the action comes, as we got a bunch of releases since the forum started. We’re going to see a little bit of those.

  • Analog: Rojo Tierra / Azul petróleoEarth red and Petroleum blue respectively, this concept album from Analog’s factory explores both sides of this artist, but both expresing the same feeling: the urge to change things. Rojo Tierra is made with LGPT and it’s a more introspective and experimental album, more in touch with mother earth, but in the other side, Azul petróleo is a LSDJ hard electro albums with an explicit call to a lost revolutionary spirit.
  • Artrex: Dark DimensionsDark and ominous, Artrex surprises us with his first release, sharing with us an album with a sound based on 90’s metal bands and ambient sounds. It’s not intended to be a party album, get a dark place to hear it and don’t make plans to have nice dreams.
  • Subway Sonicbeat: Corrupting Static Screens / 1987Those two albums are made with the same tool, LGPT (we love you Marc, we love you hexawe ;D). Corrupting Static Screens is a hard electro release with a bonux remix of his friend, Pulselooper (hey, sup blip?), and 1987 is what you may expect, a tribute to all those post-rock bands maed on the pig, with a lot of hooks on the tracks to rape your brain, because you’ll whistle some tracks the whole day (true story).
  • Large Bits Collider: Default viewThe brain of every coder it’s filled with lines of codes about hate to the stablishment, love for music and the inner heart of a Java virtual machine. LSDJ hard noises and badass basslines with bleeps to get a cyberpunk feeling today.
  • Love Through Cannibalism: Enma Ai EPDon’t get confused of this release, under tons of effects and drum breaks there’s a lot of bleep bloops that you’ll love. This young man knows really well that robots are bad, but they’re scaring as hell if they’re japanese red-eyed little girls.

Maybe this will look like a bunch of heterogeneous releases without a strong cohesive factor between them. CulturaChip is not a netlabel nowadays, it wasn’t inteded to be that way, but rather
a cohesive effort to share and learn from all the forces present in their global and local shapes.

A good place for taking the pulse to this community is their SoundCloud group, turned into a webradio, and if you want to stay up to date, you may also like to check the releases subforum here.

Also you MUST check Lowtoy’s catalog, one of the netlabels working closely to CulturaChip, where you may find very reputated musicians like Lautaro, Ralp (blipfest y0, remember?) or Snail (a sure bet for next blip ;) ).

Those guys are well compromised on bringing you good (and mostly free =D) music to your ears, so, who can give out this extense offering?

Editor: Thanks to PaK-Zer0 forputting this round up together. If your label wants a nice overview of release we’ve might of missed just submit it!

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Analog – Cruzando El Cielo (CP-033)

Chippanze records, South America’s one and only low-bit netlabel based in São Paulo, Brazil, hits 33 releases with Chile’s Analog and his new EP, “Cruzando el Cielo”.

Official blurb:

Certain situations or processes in every day life can be represented as a journey through a barrier that is inside our minds. The sky, in Earth’s gravid moments, has represented an explicit impossibility of surpassing it by our own means. To this effect, we are used to build an axis in which we live – and as if we saw it through a beam of light -, we are capable of overcome difficulties and subvert what’s unattainable. From our memories of a carefree childhood, in communion with the people we love or maybe the desire of grabbing what cannot be gotten a hold of, comes the desire to make this little record”

Get ready for some melodic sugar-ness made with Game Boy and latin powa :P

Download the album here



Analog – La Fuerza de la Luz

[cp-027] Analog – La Fuerza de la Luz
“After an impending catastrophe, after the collapse of systems which we live most of the time in disgust, we turn to contemplate the necessities of life. We embrace it dramatically, and converge entropically towards a finite chaos, and later, once the storm is gone, make the decision if we want to keep giving up ourselves again.”


Jazzhole Results now online

We dug deep and found the ballots crumpled up and left for dead in the trash under some half eaten pork ribs.