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Analog – Cruzando El Cielo (CP-033)

Chippanze records, South America’s one and only low-bit netlabel based in São Paulo, Brazil, hits 33 releases with Chile’s Analog and his new EP, “Cruzando el Cielo”.

Official blurb:

Certain situations or processes in every day life can be represented as a journey through a barrier that is inside our minds. The sky, in Earth’s gravid moments, has represented an explicit impossibility of surpassing it by our own means. To this effect, we are used to build an axis in which we live – and as if we saw it through a beam of light -, we are capable of overcome difficulties and subvert what’s unattainable. From our memories of a carefree childhood, in communion with the people we love or maybe the desire of grabbing what cannot be gotten a hold of, comes the desire to make this little record”

Get ready for some melodic sugar-ness made with Game Boy and latin powa :P

Download the album here



Analog – La Fuerza de la Luz

[cp-027] Analog – La Fuerza de la Luz
“After an impending catastrophe, after the collapse of systems which we live most of the time in disgust, we turn to contemplate the necessities of life. We embrace it dramatically, and converge entropically towards a finite chaos, and later, once the storm is gone, make the decision if we want to keep giving up ourselves again.”