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[USA, CA] Los Angeles – Darkmatter 10 yr! w/ Somatics, Baseck, Wet Mango + more!

Saturday July 9th, 2011

Darkmatter Soundsystem celebrates its 10 year anniversary with very special guests all the way from the UK: Somatic Responses!



The brothers John and Paul Healy, collectively known throughout the world as Somatic Responses, are still native residents of a small industrial mining community snugly located in the southwest region of Wales. Somatic Responses are into complex dislocated & broken beats, distorted intelligent constructions, fascinating sonic structures, force and sweetness intertwined.

DISKORE & FIEND (on 4 turntables!) … fiend.html




This will be Baseck’s first show in Los Angeles since moving back from Berlin!



SEPPUKU … x-mix-2011

$15 @ THE DOOR
[you must e-mail by 5pm the day of the party with your first and last name to receive rsvp discount. One person per e-mail address, NO PLUS 1’s]

18+ event
LIMITED CAPACITY! arrive early!
call the day of event or stay tuned to the darkmatter website and facebook

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Strawberry Muck – Baseck/Red Shift/Strangloop

This free EP is a collection of all the various forms that Baseck’s track, Muck, has gone through since it’s initial creation. It includes the original track from the album Creatures out on Subconscious Communications, a remix by Red Shift, a remix by Strangeloop and an alternate version of the Strangeloop edit featuring scratching/turntablism by Baseck, bringing it all full circle.

Baseck’s original song is a grimey lofi punk banger made with only the bootleg gameboy sequencer LSDJ and a small noise toy. Red Shift takes the central melody and embellishes it with ethereal synths and a sharp clicky hip hop beat transforming it into a whimsical yet robust dancey jam he renames Strawberry. Brainfeeder artist, Strangeloop, propels this seemingly endless melodic riff even further adding glitchy other worldly samples and spacious thrashy beats that undulate creating an entrancing cosmic noise.

For your listening pleasure:

Direct Zip File Link:

Strawberry Muck the remixes EP Track Listing:
Track 1: Muck – Baseck (Original)
Track 2: Muck (Strawberry Edit by Red Shift)
Track 3: Muck (Strange Utopia Edit by Strangeloop)
Track 4: Muck (Strange Utopia Edit by Strangeloop with Scratching by Baseck)

To get individual track links visit:

In addition to all the change ups this track has seen… it has now taken on a new life as the dreamy music set to an amazing kaleidoscopic video by Fragonard Berscht. Appropriately it is the Strangeloop edit that has transcended into this new form.
For your viewing pleasure…

For more work by Fragonard Berscht (aka Laskfar Vortok, Naboa, and V1de0 D1ab3t3s)
check out Fragonard Berscht on… Vimeo:

More from Strangeloop visit:

More from Baseck visit:

To get the original full length album Creatures please visit: