Ne7 – Happy Hippo (ZX 1bit Beeper)

Groovy little beeper track using Beepola.

Ne7 – Happy Hippo (ZX 1bit Beeper)

Here’s a fresh ZX spectrum beeper track done on the wonderful Beepola tracker available here: If you want the original data for the program grab it here: This one uses the ‘Savage’ replay… The ZX speccy beeper is literally a 1bit audio device – everything u hear is cleverly replayed using PWM to generate seperate notes ta to 4mat for pointing me to the new version – all the new replays rock

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Beepola v1.05

The zx spectrum tracker has been updated to v1.05

Beepola, a Windows cross-tracker with multiple 1-bit sound engines from ZX Spectrum, has been updated to v1.05. The most interesting addition in this version is a new engine, made by Jason C. Brooke in 1988. The version of the engine is taken from Savage game, it has two channels of tone, drums, and many interesting features. This version is dedicated to Jonathan ‘Joffa’ Smith, author of the Special FX engine.

more info and download link at 1-bit music news –.