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My second day at Blip Europe by glomag

I don’t remember. Must have had a good time.


Cheap Dinosaurs: exceptional. Most of the other artists were right up front listening, loving and trading amazed expressions. Dino’s rhythms and melodies are so memorable. He’s really a fine composer and his performances are solid. This was no exception. Master.

La Belle Indifference: these guys put on a great show. The tracks are quite varied in style and they just have so much fun. It was a great treat to see them live. There was a good deal of on-the-fly tech going on and they pulled it all off seemingly without a hitch. A really fun set.

Saskrotch: Nigel was already fantastic at Blip 07, but I really think his compositional skills have advanced quite a bit since that time. The melodies are irresistible as always, but the harmonies and chord changes are deeper and more evocative. His set was really great.

Receptors: Jeremy performed a great set with Raquel Meyers on stage with him. Mostly his bad-ass DS10 jams with a handful of LSDJ tracks, this was a powerful performance. I was lucky to again sing “Disconnected” with him, better this time, I think and with Jeremy on vocoder and Raquel on the choruses with me!

Random: Tight as fuck, William”s bass lines and drums are enough on their own to get you dancing. But the brilliant melodic sense just compels you harder. At one point I predicted the future by calling for Spontaneous Devotion just as the first note rang out. Also, 2 Channel compo FTW! That track is excellent. Continue reading My second day at Blip Europe by glomag

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