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My second day at Blip Europe by glomag

I don’t remember. Must have had a good time.


Cheap Dinosaurs: exceptional. Most of the other artists were right up front listening, loving and trading amazed expressions. Dino’s rhythms and melodies are so memorable. He’s really a fine composer and his performances are solid. This was no exception. Master.

La Belle Indifference: these guys put on a great show. The tracks are quite varied in style and they just have so much fun. It was a great treat to see them live. There was a good deal of on-the-fly tech going on and they pulled it all off seemingly without a hitch. A really fun set.

Saskrotch: Nigel was already fantastic at Blip 07, but I really think his compositional skills have advanced quite a bit since that time. The melodies are irresistible as always, but the harmonies and chord changes are deeper and more evocative. His set was really great.

Receptors: Jeremy performed a great set with Raquel Meyers on stage with him. Mostly his bad-ass DS10 jams with a handful of LSDJ tracks, this was a powerful performance. I was lucky to again sing “Disconnected” with him, better this time, I think and with Jeremy on vocoder and Raquel on the choruses with me!

Random: Tight as fuck, William”s bass lines and drums are enough on their own to get you dancing. But the brilliant melodic sense just compels you harder. At one point I predicted the future by calling for Spontaneous Devotion just as the first note rang out. Also, 2 Channel compo FTW! That track is excellent.

Bit Shifter: Josh ripped it up. I was worried for my ability to stand up about half way through, having been out drinking until 7am that morning and dancing wildly to every set. But I just couldn’t leave the dance floor. Cock Block Disco, THB Remix (cover of Mark Denardo) and wrapping it up with Rough Weather and Easy Prey all conspired to push the crowd past it’s collective perspiration limit. Amazing.

Hally: Words fail me. Honestly. Holy Shit. What a madman. He worked that crowd to a frenzy by the middle of the first song. Delivering some reprises from Blip 07, some of which were reworked to a new frenetic height, and delivering some newer (?) pumping blasts of famicom love, he had the densest crowd yet at the Festival in complete, rapturous attention. His encore of “Surfin’ USA” was ridiculously fun. Louisa, my new barometer of an artist’s rhythmic effectiveness, approved whole-heartedly.

Bodenstandig2000: I sadly missed their first song but ran in from my brief rest outside cooling off when I heard the first notes of Lichtjahre Von Daheim. Thanks to very good monitoring and a pro sound crew, their vocals were clear and tight on key. The two of them have such an effortless rapport with the audience and the songs are just so good that they can’t fail to win the crowd over. “Kanada” hurt my face from smiling and laughing and my legs from dancing. “Horny Horny” even more so. They did not disappoint and really delivered the perfect crescendo to the festival.

As for the after-party upstairs in the cavernous green room, the joy and drunkenness spilled over for hours. What a great time. Thanks so much to Christian Willem, Kristian, Motorsaw and the fantastic sound and stage management crew (some names lost to the alcohol haze.) We were up absurdly early that morning to catch flights to Copenhagen, still laughing and buzzing.

I was really happy to be part of this show and want to thank Mike, Josh and Jeremiah for extending the invitation. Love you guys.

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