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TCTD Links for 2010-10-13

  • Plogue chipsounds running on VMachine Hardware #
  • MAGIC HAMMER – THVNDERCHASE – Featuring all the songs from Bit Shifter’s Information Chase. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! #
  • Domotic – I Hate You Forever #
  • GB-HUMMING updated #
  • RT @StarscreamNY: Posted a song I wrote that corrupted over at | Debating trying to revive it ! #
  • RT @8GB_: Candie Hank – The Man hates Pants Booty Bounce Mix Vol.2 by Catani on #SoundCloud #
  • RT @Radiograffiti: Vote on the album art for the next #Radiograffiti 7″! A winner will also receive all prev RG 7″s! #
  • Android Game: Hyperactive Ninja – NES Style Platformer with music by Bright Primate, Comptroller and Nestrogen #
  • How old is 8bitpeoples? – True Knowledge #
  • Chiptunes: Reformating the Planet screening at Harris County Public Library #
  • Rhizome Code Eroded: At GLI.TC/H #
  • chipsounds updated to 1.501! #
  • Indie Video Arcade Pops Up in Midtown Manhattan – Pretty Tangential to chip scene stuff but still pretty cool #
  • Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch RELEASED! #
  • RT @_lemon: while I sort out the weird soundcloud issue – you can hear the 1bit ZX beeptastic fun here: :) \o_ #
  • RT @_lemon: @TCTD \o/ here have an early happy birthday present :) #
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TCTD Links for 2010-09-20

  • Ok so now we have 8bit covers of what is ostensibly a cover centric teen show #
  • Help MetaFilter out with some Emotional Chiptune Music #
  • Palm Sounds: My First KORG M01 #1 #
  • Vote for Sadnes, and see his live video performance on Radio 1041 FM #
  • Blip Scandinavia 2010 09/17/10 platform4 on USTREAM #
  • Blip Scandinavia 2010 09/18/10 06:21PM platform4 on USTREAM. #
  • blip 2, Recorded on 9/18/10 platform4 on USTREAM. #
  • Kill Baby – theAutomaton #
  • RT @lukeburroughs: My article on The Depreciation Guild’s use of 8-bit Chiptune sound is up! #
  • Reyus – Firebrand Boy #
  • chip to gaza compilation #
  • 48 Hour Challenge Me – Vol. 3 Finished J. Arthur Keens Band #
  • Pixel’s pxtone Inspires The Best Music #
  • RT @viznut: Today, demoscene was presented to an audience including top-level Finnish politicians. via @altpartyorg #
  • Beam Me Up by BRIGHT PRIMATE #
  • minusbaby’s horrible new logo #
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Fox News presents Chipmusic

Chipflip has a great oped on the whole chiptune FOX dealie. Check it out:

Last Saturday, chipmusic was presented in these two ways by Fox News – perhaps the worst news channel in the world? Br1ght Pr1mate performed live and talked about chiptune. Although the music is not my cup of tea, I think the clips are definitely worth watching because the hosts are perfect OMG-WTF-LOL-journalists, with a target audience that think like this. The hosts seem to think that chipmusic is 10 people making music in Pacman, which was fun to laugh at for a decade but is pretty tiresome now, really. Somehow it makes me think of when John Cage appeared on TV in 1960, playing along with the role of being a clown instead of a pretentious composer (like this, hehe?). Br1ght Pr1mate are aware that they take a similar role in the Fox News show.

via Fox News presents Chipmusic « CHIPFLIP.

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TCTD Links for 2010-03-23