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REBOOT2 / Chip-Con International

This second chapter in the REBOOT series brings a group of 14 carefully chosen tracks designed to get you dancing & partying at the touch of that play button.

1. FIGHTER X – Hypergiant
2. FIGHTER X – Time to Die
3. ROCKMAN – Love Chaos
4. ROCKMAN – Tortugas en Asteroides
5. DEADBEATBLAST – This is why I rip the chip
7. POPSTAR – Timepiece
8. POPSTAR – Star Cascade
10. SABREPULSE – Horizon ( Remix )
11. BRIGHT PRIMATE – Fallen Leaves
12. BRIGHT PRIMATE – Please Me
13. BUBBLYFISH – From Inner Shadow To Outer Shadow
14. BUBBLYFISH – Beat + Bit

Free download:

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Br1ght Pr1mate – Midnight Swedes [Dub / House Mini-Mix Thing]

A growly, deep, gameboy dub/house mini-mix for late, sweaty summer nights. This music goes best with debauchery.

1. Midnight Swedes 03:40
2. Old Guy Young Girl 03:31
3. Bodega 02:27
4. hahAHAHA 05:19

Written in a single .lsdsng file, and recorded with 1 DMG and LSDJ 3.9.9.

The download includes a seamless mix version, which is the intended listening format for this release.

released 29 May 2011


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BR1GHT PR1MATE – The Reality Ch-pmusic Love Industry

Hello friends! Kindly insert this music lovingly into your earpipes:

BR1GHT PR1MATE – The Reality Chipmusic Love Industry:

01 – Please Me
02 – I Cry
03 – Fallen Leaves
04 – Fanfare
05 – Reach

The Reality Chipmusic Love Industry is six songs about Hope, Death, Sci-Fi, Businessmen, Cooking and Reality Television, done Electro Sci-Fi Rock style. Oh and its done “true chip”: DMG, LSDJ and Vocals. Pushing the envelope of what can be done with vocal chip music? We hope so. Please enjoy!

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CTUK LSDJ Showdown

Controllerthrow, in cooperation with Nonelectronics, are proud to announce the first ever CTUK LSDJ Showdown. This is an international LSDJ song writing contest. The winner will receive 1 “prosound” modified Gameboy (original), with a Nonfinite Backlighting Kit preinstalled (v2 with on/off switch), and emblazoned with an official CTUK decal. Also included will be 1 64MB EMS Cartridge (rewritable), with a registered version of LSDJ preinstalled. Roughly a $200.00USD value, entirely free to the winner, shipped anywhere in the world. To all contestants and runners up is the potential for feature in our Chiptune Focus series or Podcast, and the opportunity to be paired with game developers from all over the globe.

Awesome Force
Michael “Bibin” Moffitt
James of Br1ght Pr1mate

Visit Controllerthrow for full details.

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