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It’s All In The Reflexes – A John Carpenter Tribute by VA

  1. Dark Star – R-Sunset
  2. Assault on Precinct 13 – Comptroller
  3. Halloween – seal of quality
  4. The Fog – Videogame Orchestra
  5. Escape from New York – EvilWezil
  6. The Thing – Videovalvontaa
  7. Starman – Lorenzo Music
  8. Big Trouble in Little China – OxygenStar
  9. Prince of Darkness – Videogame Orchestra
  10. They Live – SLAW
  11. In the Mouth of Madness – arcadecoma.
  12. Escape from L.A. – Shrimps

Pterodactyl Squad


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CTUK LSDJ Showdown: Winners Announced

The final standings for the CTUK LSDJ Showdown have been announced:

1. Je Mappelle – Missing Thought
2. Zef – Livewire (Amped Up Remix)
3. TreyFrey – Brown Eyes
3. An0va – Meteor Shower
4. Kosmopop2 – 008080 (Teal)
5. Ralp – Yrche Vhul
6. Comptroller – Z-Bombs
7. DJCats – Blue
8. DylanBroChill – Squirtles in Time
9. Bubu – The End of a Long Story

1st Place: Je Mappelle wins 1 painted, backlit, prosound DMG-01, with carrying case, 64MB rewritable EMS cartridge, and more.

2nd Place: Zef wins 1 painted, backlit gameboy pocket with carrying case.

3rd Place: TreyFrey & An0va will each recieve 1 prosound modified gameboy color (atomic purple), with carrying case.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all of the contestants and judges!
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Chip In: Japan! The Push to $7500!


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[CDK 050] Comptroller – Baddies

1. Z-Bombs
2. Crack Pinocchio
3. Silver Head
4. Points

“Some say he once crushed a Nintendo Game Boy with his own bare hands, some say he gets his sounds by forcing the souls of his enemies into his LSDJ cart, what is known is that his name is Comptroller, and he hails from Scotland. In this release, Comptroller vanquishes his demons in four intense music journeys, and has somehow brought them into this plane of existance for you to listen to, if you dare.”

4 dense bursts of melodic electrodirt direct from a DMG. Urgent rhythms, dark sounds. Available for free download here:

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Touchboy / Natty / Sabrepulse / gwEm / Comptroller / Matt Nida live in London

Friday 22nd October sees Public Life in Spitalfields, London host the best chipmusic line-up you’ll see in London this year. Cover charge is £5 and doors open at 8:00 – get there early, you won’t want to miss a minute of this.

Improvised 8bit tech house from Canada

New York 8bit dandy, kicking off his European tour with Touchboy

Nintendo junglestep that needs no introduction

Atari rave STj B2B with Counter Reset and special guests

Scotland’s Ultrachip champion

Matt Nida
Twitchy handheld electro/dub

Facebook event and more details here!

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