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UBI019 – Various Artists – Up

1. C-jeff — Ocean Backwards
2. Virt — First Flight
3. Blitz Lunar — Mathsma Attack
4.Heosphoros — Triple Point
5. nq\skrju — Up to Sunshine Avenue
6. coda — the magnificent meat shower
7. Zan-zan-zawa-veia — Last Sppr
8. Shnabubula — Spongetta in the Studio
9. Maxo — Twirling Star
10. Jork— Cellular Interference
11. Derris-Kharlan — Forcystus

UP, a compilation of 11 songs, based on progressive music elements is released. Let the polyrhythms and virtuoso solos be your guides to
the New Year! “There are no rules of architecture for a castle in
the clouds.” — G. K. Chesterton

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[CDK 046] Derris-Kharlan - Live

Once upon a time, Australia’s Derris-Kharlan played a gig. Not only did he play a gig, he shook the foundations of civilisation as we know it, to leave the world forever changed. Luckily for us, someone managed to grab a superbly high quality recording of it, and it is presented to you so that you too can embrace the brilliant music.

Props to the SoundBytes crew for letting CDKr host this, cTrix for the mastering and pixls for the stunning artwork!


Various Artists - Wintertunes - Ubiktune

Better late than never. Wintertunes.

1. nq\skrju – Magic Snow is White and Slow
2. Rico Zerone – Navigator
3. Tony Thai – Cough Syrup Overdose
4. Derris-Kharlan – Reconciliation
5. Captain Tortilla – Wind Chill
6. Zan-zan-zawa-veia – Jeca Jeca
7. Blitz Lunar – The Labyrinth of Skadi
8. zinger – Hibernation Hacker
9. coda & surasshu – lucia
10. ast0r – Mere Words (Bobby McFerrin)
11. Temp Sound Solutions – Angels’ Bane