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8BC's Weekly Hot Tracks

8bc[Editor’s Note]: We are trying to bring this feature back in a way that isn’t too hard to curate, but still grabs some deeper cuts. Feedback wanted!}

Too busy to trawl through 8bc looking for the good stuff? Here’s what some of our favorite 8bc posters have been enjoying in the last week:

4mat – Like Seeing You Again For The First Time
Kulor – Doorbellsplosion
Beware – Reaction
Vickysbooties – Weather Source
Oxygenstar – The Complete Destruction Of Planet Earth
Derris-Kharlan – By The Bay (Live)
George – Out With My Girlfriends
Malmen – Flirt Talk
Kulor – Elementary School Supernova
Blitz Lunar – Heavenly Spores

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The Low-Bit Gamelan Compilation

00 Low-Bit Gamelan - Art 01 - Front CoverA release of five original tracks with a strong influence from the beautiful music of Indonesian gamelan! Thanks to all artists who submitted tracks. And thanks for your interest – we hope that you enjoy this little compilation.

Track Listing

01. Derris-Kharlan: Sarin

02. little-scale: Monsoon

03. Baron Knoxbury: Pilo Hau Gamelan

04. Red Robin: Pemanasair

05. The Listrix: Rock the Gamelan

via Forums | 8bc.org – Online Chiptune Media Sharing.

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Chipsters: Aussie Chip Comp out

00-cover_frontFrom comp organizer Little-Scale:

“Okay, so if you are interested in Australian chipmusic or chipmusic in general, this would be a great compilation to grab! Sixteen awesome artists, a bunch of cool gear and a really big variety of tracks – what more could you want from a free electronic music download?”

1 . Derris-Kharlan: Mirrors
2 . Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families: Bitch-Whipped
3 . Maddest Kings Alive: Cagey Negotiators
4 . Astro Zombies: Code Blue
5 . AndyExpandy: supermegapowerup
6 . little-scale: Will You Remember Me?
7 . (alt)Bro: Franchise Fascination
8 . Vytantus: Melancholy Frivolity
9 . Jacko: Among The Gum Trees
10 . cTrix: WednesdayChip
11 . Dot.AY: Dirigible Spacecraft
12 . Ubey: swsh
13 . Celsius: Wi-Fry
14 . Godinpants: liphe
15 . Freezedream: Happy Sixty Four
16 . The LOLstralians: Botany

Grab it:

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Midweek Round-up with the II Comp. and more


Fortress of Baditude

The Winter II Records com is out and its a doozy. It features the following tracks:

01 Disasterpeace – Bird Season
02 ok ikumi – white plains 96
03 The J. Arthur Keenes Band – Stoic
04 Fighter X – Winter Death
05 Evil Wezil – Icebreaker
06 Zan-zan-zawa-veia – Khei-moni
07 Animal Style – Ancient Accumulator
08 µB – ice flower
09 iqtu – ice palace dub
10 Derris-Kharlan – Shiva
11 temp sound solutions – the last of all that lasts
12 failotron – hullamzoret
13 oxygenstar – the lazy gnome

On top of that is news of two hot commercial releases:

Spamtron – Never Say Die!

Blast off into Spamtron’s world of fast-paced robot action with Never Say Die!, an eighteen-track thrill ride full of spammy wonderment! Experience tracks never before heard in one beautifully presented package. Spamtron takes chip music to the next level. No n00bs!

Mommy Was An Asteroid – Morphballs 3″CD-R

wots space-punk speeding thru space to do? …the only musical instrument afforded in such tight quarters is the beloved 21st century gameboy micro of course, so have gameboy will travel and hear ye my musical love-poem to a broad 8n a spacesuit called Samus!