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09/04/2010:GVL, FL:!!!BEEP SOUTH THREE!!!


Electronic SubSouth & Ocelotilator present…

~+~+~+~BEEP SOUTH 3~+~+~+~

Florida’s Chiptune/8-Bit Fest… featuring:

Environmental Sound Collapse (Chicago,IL:BEYOND REANIMATOR!)

Birdfeeder (gainesville,fl: COMMODORE 64 OCEANZ!)

Goatslacker (miami, fl: SMASHES EVERY ATOM!)

I KILL PXLS (sarasota, fl: HOT STUFF 4 LOVERS! )

Lissajou (actionville, fl: ALGEBRAIC JUKE MOVES!)

c-c (gainesville,fl: TAKING NO SHIT IN 2010!)

Strangelette (orlando, fl: SPOOKYCUTE QUEEN OF SPACE!)

Diamonds Guns Gold (gainesville,fl: 4 BIT BLISS BLUR!)

Miss. Dracula (new port richey, fl: CIRCUITBENT MONSTER BABY!)

Nestrogen (orlando, fl: MAXXXIMUM COVERAGE!)

Brett Moots (orlando, fl: INTERESTING SONGZ!)

Saturday, September 4, 2010
at The Laboratory
818 W University Ave.

8:00pm – EARLY SHOW
6 bits
All Ages

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TCTD tweets from 2009-09-22

  • m-.-n article scanned #
  • That wired article we mentioned last week is now online: Fanboy injoke?? #
  • Goatslacker and the cast of Futurama? Awesome. #
  • RT: @zx_spectrum: VHS talks to ZX Spectrum?! I don’t speak Spanish unfortunately, but still a super cute animation! #
  • Preorder IN HER GENTLE JAWS from the Deprecation Guild on CLEAR WAX #
  • Teletime NES Cart Preorder RT: @animalstyle #
  • Blip Festival 2009 ticket information to be announced on September 28th ! Stay tuned ! #blip09 RT: @blipfestpress #
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LSDJ Patch Book Appeared

8BC Dev Goatslacker has launched a new LSDJ Patch Book site. The site is very easy to use, and easy to upload your own patches. One could argue that half the fun is making your own sounds from scratch, but this is a valuable learning tool, and a good way for you old dogs to learn new tricks. The interface is great, and its mega easy for you to transcribe your lsdj patches. More features coming soon, I hope!



from 8bc.

Bleep South is a compilation featuring artists from Florida.
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