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gwEm releases ‘impossible’ 128 byte music demo

and the demo itself (on Dead Hackers Society):

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gwEm/Decade of Fragments/CDKr


Astonishingly dirty basslines? Check. Thumping Beats? Check. Samples from all sorts of various nooks and crannies in pop culture? Check. Christmas Song? Check.

Wait, what?

Most ordinary mixes don’t have Christmas songs, but then, most mixes aren’t by Atari and axe wielding madman Gareth Morris, who celebrates his 10th year of being ‘The One They Call gwEm‘. During a short period of not being busy from touring all over the world, from London to Toyko and almost everywhere in between, or putting on his own shows, or making his own Atari music composing software maxYMiser, gwEm has managed to make this astonishing 35 minute mix of old and new music into an unforgettable dance mix, that will surely cement his position in the chipscene for at least another ten years!

Artwork by noteNdo

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YM Rockerz’ new musicdisc ‘Seven”

| The YM Rockerz  collective  represents |:
| the cream  of  the  Atari  ST chiptune |:
| scene’s musicians. After six genuinely |:
| landmark releases to the demoscene, YM |.
| Rockerz  music  disks  have become  an |:
| eagerly anticipated event.             |:
|                                        |:
| This unique seventh release  is  being |:
| carried  out   in   conjunction   with |:
| respected net  label  8bitpeoples, and |:
| includes   high    quality   soundchip |:
| recordings on  the  8bitpeoples  site, |:
| together  with   a  specially  created |:
| demoscene music disk release on the YM |:
| Rockerz own homepage.  The Rockerz are |:
| not content to  put  up with exisiting |:
| software to make their music, three of |.
| the eight musicians  on this disk have |:
| made  improvements  to  their trackers |:
| to compose music for this release.

Download at YM Rockerz.


Chip In: Japan! The Push to $7500!


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Various Artists – ‘Ultrachip VS Forest Closure’

A benefit compilation for Edinburgh venue The Forest, featuring contributions from every performer at 2010’s Ultrachip festival.

Features tracks by gwEm, Jellica, Firebrand Boy, Tonylight and many other good guys.

All proceeds go directly to The Forest, an autonomous arts and cultural space in Edinburgh that currently faces closure unless it can raise enough funds to purchase its premises.

Stream & download from here: