Sievert - Beyond the Frontier (HHH-07)

Oh my lord it’s another Handheld Heroes release! This time coming from Texas’s Sievert. There’s a sweet pixel drawing of him eating pizza you can only get in the CD version. Mastered by uB

1. Space Captain’s Anthem
2. Space Mines Ahead!
3. Party on Planet Earth
4. Black Hole Cannon
5. The Black Moon of Apollumi-X3
6. Danger!
7. Starblaster!
8. Space Pirates Never Learn
9. Aboard the X-Infinity

I’d tell you all about it, but why don’t you just grab it?

MP3 Download (free):

Purchase CD ($8+shipping):

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Little-scale - Nothing Has Been Left Unspoken


Now out on Handheld Heroes.

Don’t you love the pre-blip release flood?

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  • Late Halloween tweat with J. Arthur Keens fan video for "Skulls": #
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Kkrusty - Like Coming Home


As mentioned over the weekend on twitter the new KKrusty on Handheld Heroes is pretty snazzy. Thumping Game Boy Techno in the Mold you are used too, but with a nice gamemusic style about it along with deep sound design, like early Nullsleep done by IAYD.

  • 1. Key
  • 2. Day to Day
  • 3. Sorry
  • 4. Heart
  • 5. Stick ’em Up
  • 6. Stairs
  • 7. Face 2.0
  • 8. Like Coming Home

via HHH-02 Kkrusty

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