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This week on the FMA: 8bit BBQ at SXSW!

Free Music Archive: 8bit BBQ at SXSW!.

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Hey guys, after the great success of the launch night (see video below) – i’m happy to announce the next BEEP will be happening during April. Exact date is to be decided but I can announce the following artists will be performing live sets:

+ more to be announced

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TCTD Quicklinks for 2010-02-22

  • RT @demoscenepouet Freiherr von Gravenreuth did commit suicide: As the news outlet gulli recently reported the controversial lawyer G… ht #
  • NO CARRIER NES Programing Winter Break Workshop for Teens!: #
  • Raw NES-style waveforms for Image-Lines's Harmless: #
  • Interview with Nobita, new wavy goochish powerpunks: #
  • Wizwars – Intergalactic Disko Dance Party (live) #
  • Skrasoft Pokey module update: #
  • While we are at it, here is a neat pokey video demo: #
  • 8 Bit Alliance tour kicks off March 5th with @anamanaguchi @starscreamny @sabrepulse @henryhomesweet #
  • Shruti-1 kit prices revealed: #
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TCTD micronews for 2009-12-15

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This week at the Collective III

For the week of 11/03-11/10

Another week goes by, and in the Post Halloween swoon things turn a tad lazy. It feels that everything is building towards the orgasmic explosion that is the the coming Blip Festival, and everyone is quiet and working silently. But not to worry, our crack(ed) staff still found time to troll the pits of the 8BITCollective to shine some light on a few of the gems posted in the last week.
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