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Joss Manley – Amiga Dispair

Joss Manley slapping it down wide once again. Expect crazy acid squelch, intricate beats, breaks and mush all painstakingly put together with his trusty Amiga 1200 and Octamed. Oh and there are some raps too. Great.


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Jellica & Joss Manley/Best Of 2001-2011/DATAMOSHPIT RECORDS


“Jellica & Joss Manley – The best of Joss and Jake Manley 2001 – 2011”


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KR044 – Joss Manley – tybe f (C64)

Seriously minimal C64 acidy techno. Kick drums and basslines only!



Various Artists/ UK Chip Compilation/ Digital Force

The UK Chip Compilation showcases an astonishing 32 tracks by 32 artists who are themselves British or residents the United Kingdom.

Its aim was to present what the UK has to offer to the chiptune community and expand itself into having a more solid scene by bringing people together and showing awareness to UK residents that we have a large chiptune scene in our country which we could fairly quickly build on to have established annual gigs and events.


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Joss Manley - Amiga August

kr034 - Amiga August 2009 cover

Previously known as Josstintimberlake and JT, much of Joss Manley’s music has a strong focus on complex rhythm, driving percussion, and meticulous sequencing. Often unusual rhythmic loops repeat and change incrementally, with the music constantly in transition. Sometimes patterns are set against one another, implying several time signatures at once. Later work has been described as experimental and abstract, in contrast to the more club-friendly and conventional early 1990s releases.Reactions to his music have varied. Many of his tracks contain complex or chaotic rhythms and close harmonies which some hear as random and noisy. Fans of his recent work tend to find the value of their music to lie in its unique fusion of rhythmic and melodic elements, i. e. melodic percussive sounds, and enharmonic synthesizer patches implying numerous rhythmic and melodic lines and chord structures simultaneously. Another recurring element in Autechre’s work has been the use of extremely fast sequencing or retriggering to create a fragmented, grainy effect.Nasty Amiga 1200 music influenced by Americer’s greatest comedian, Keegan-Michael Key.

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