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Breakpoint 2009 wrap-up Part Two

I hope you enjoyed the demo wrap up because here is part two. I almost forgot about these, to be honest, so I am sorry!

What we have here is a bunch of files in the categories of Music, Graphics and Games.

All the oldschool platforms are bundled together on one music category, called “executable oldschool music”. Don’t ask me about the ‘executable’ part, some of these did not come in any sort of executable format. Pixel graphics are not a very popular thing nowadays on the demoscene, so this year we only got one category to cater for that: C64 graphics. Fortunately for the oldschoolers among us, they made an unofficial compo for ASCII and ANSI graphics so we have that too. Then we have 96KB game, which was multiplatform and had a very cool game for the C64.

So, let’s hit it on with all the data!

Click here to see all the data!