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Breakpoint 2010 oldschool roundup

Yeah, I skipped a week again. But that’s because there’s a ton of Breakpoint goodies to digest.

Today I offer you a selection of demos and graphics released on oldschool platforms at the last Breakpoint installment. Only my selections! If you wish to see the complete prod list and rankings, check out the Breakpoint website.

Now, after the jump, enjoy some still and motion graphics from the demoscene:

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Breakpoint 2009 wrap-up Part Two

I hope you enjoyed the demo wrap up because here is part two. I almost forgot about these, to be honest, so I am sorry!

What we have here is a bunch of files in the categories of Music, Graphics and Games.

All the oldschool platforms are bundled together on one music category, called “executable oldschool music”. Don’t ask me about the ‘executable’ part, some of these did not come in any sort of executable format. Pixel graphics are not a very popular thing nowadays on the demoscene, so this year we only got one category to cater for that: C64 graphics. Fortunately for the oldschoolers among us, they made an unofficial compo for ASCII and ANSI graphics so we have that too. Then we have 96KB game, which was multiplatform and had a very cool game for the C64.

So, let’s hit it on with all the data!

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High Voltage SID Collection Update #50!

hvsc1Great news, SID music fans!
Our favourite collection, the HVSC, is back with its fiftieth update! Quite a landmark.

For years this dedicated group of SID music historians have gathered, fixed and adventured to get all the C64 music ever made, for our enjoyment. Some of the highlights of this release?  Around 678 new SIDs, 59 fixed/better rips, 573 PlaySID/Sidplay1 specific SIDs eliminated and more, catering for a grand total of 36,000 SID files (each of which could include more than one song. yay!!).

The emphasis as I said is in getting ALL of it so the output is usually of mixed qualities, but you can rest assured there’s a lot of cool NEW music to hear, without the pain of crawling through pages of garbage and uncontrolled P commands on LSDJ.

Are you new to the HVSC? I recommend you give a listen to the folders of the following artists: Fanta, Ed, Linus, Randall, Drax, Jeroen Tel and Thomas Danko, to name but a VERY FEW of what’s available.

The rest of the official release information follows:

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Vandalism News GOLD diskmag released!

75271Vandalism News, the longest standing diskmag in the Universe, has just seen its number 50 release, the Gold Edition…

Loaded full of C64 news as usual and featuring music by many of your favourites like Psycho, Jammer, A-Man, Conrad, Drax, Linus and others, plus cool graphics and text provided by the Wrath Design and Onslaught crews, this is the mandatory weekend read for anybody interested in the C64 demoscene. If you are a n00b, you can get a whiff of what has happened for the past ~20 years by reading the Prefaces, and jump straight into the current day and don’t feel left out again :P

Like if 4 disk sides full of news wasn’t enough, the crew has added two bonus “Golden Goodie Bag” disks, where you can find previously unreleased SID music and other stuff!

Grab it here!

C64 • Chipmusic • Music Artists’s Last Compo is OVER!


This ain't no bleep bleep shit...

This ain't no bleep blip shit.

Here be the results and download packs:

1. Eskimonika by Stellan Andersson (Dane) (03:47) (852 PT)
2. Intrinsic by Conrad/Viruz/Samar/Onslaught (Owen Crowley) (3:58) (850.5 PT)
3. A Liquor Store Anthem by Randall (4:09) (787.5 PT)
4. Love Land by Steven Diemer (A-Man/Xenon) (2:35) (781 PT)
5. Two Minute Jam by Josep Barwick (Stainless Steel) (2:00) (675 PT)
6. Stay Chill by Marcin Majdzik (PSycHo) (3:23) (641 PT)
7. Rocco Siffredi Invades 1541-II by Kamil Wolnikowski (Jammer) (2:58) (638 PT)
8. Stretch Marks by Hein Holt (Hein/Vision) (3:57) (627 PT)
9. Christ 69 Electroclash Deluxe by Arman Behdad (Intensity) (3:30) (615 PT)
10. Wander Fool by Vincent Merken (_V_) (6:24) (563 PT)
11. Johnny Rocket by Uneksija (Antti Pitkämäki) (3:46) (534 PT)
12. Back to Planet:dATA by LordNikon/Dekadence (3:25) (513 PT)
13. fuckyou.progressivedata.fuckme by Sascha Zeidler (Linus) (2:46) (508 PT)
14. Pixel Hell Level 9 by H?kon Repstad (Archmage of Instinct) (3:04) (498 PT)
15. Drunken Ninja Dance by Rambones (4:54) (454 PT)
16. See You Later Oscilator by Kristian Myklebust (kribust) (2:21) (451.5 PT)
17. Elegy by Peter Bergstrand (1:24) (392 PT)
18. Levitation by Henne / The Dreams (2:15) (385 PT)
19. Disco Dream by Richard Bayliss (3:54) (380 PT)
20. Mustelid by Hukka/Dekadence (2:34) (359.5 PT)
21. Ninja Life by G-Fellow / CiViTaS (Gerhard Flagge) (2:48) (353 PT)
22. Upgrade by Dennis Hildingsson (Rusty46) (2:00) (286 PT)