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gwEm interview pt 2


This is the second part of our interview with gwEm, you can find the first part here.

LB – In the maxYMiser FAQ you make the comment that the other trackers available for the machine lacked in some way, I was curious which limitations encouraged you to start on maxYMiser.

gwEm – Well, there were 3 different trackers all doing something different, I wondered why.. then I read a deeply inspiring interview (note: links to zip of May2003 issue which contains the interview) with the legendary Tao, which went into details about his techniques. I decided to put all the effects into one tracker.

LB – Did you develop maxYMiser in secret for a while or were you getting input from other Atari experts?

gwEm – I make most of my projects secret, since I don’t want to disappoint, maxYMiser was a big secret though. I got input just from Dma-Sc on the interface – he tried all the early versions, from the very first mock up. I asked him, since I am a big fan of his music style, he seemed interested in trying a new tracker out, too – he was one of the first to move to Triplex. After the first couple of releases I got advice from 505 instead, since Dma was busy. Except for those two guys, I didn’t really listen to anyone else. But they are, in my opinion, the best two musicians on the Atari ST demoscene.

LB – How did the ST community react to maxYMiser?

gwEm -Well, I released some stuff – firstly the song ‘maxYMise’ as a compo tune. ‘maxYMise’ didn’t do that well, which effected motivation. I realized then, its not all about fancy effects. Next thing was ‘The Phatt Demo

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gwEm interview pt 1


Pictures used with kind permission of Bit.Shifter

I was lucky enough to chat a little to gwEm, author of Maxymiser, hell survivor, Hardcore rave tunesmith and International Rock Star.

LB – Thanks most kindly for doing this.

gwEm – No worries!

LB – What came first for you, music or computers?

gwEm – Hard to say… Today music comes first though, I don’t care too much for computers. I was very young when I had my first computer, so I can’t exactly recall. Maybe I had a musical instrument before then..?! No idea :)

LB – What was your first machine?

gwEm – It was an Oric Atmos 48k

LB – Not the most popular of machines at the time, did you start coding on it?

gwEm – Yes, but I was very young, and didn’t do much worth speaking about. It was all BASIC stuff.

LB – Did you hop from that to the Atari series or was there something in between?

gwEm – No, the Oric broke, and then our family got an Atari ST.

LB – Did the sound chip capture your imagination right away?

gwEm – I’d have to say no – that came much later. The late 80s demo scene didn’t attract me at all. Atari ST was based around the megademo format – which in retrospect is kind of cool but at the time I thought it was an ugly way to present screens. But it only took a couple of years to get into making music on the ST.

LB – Which trackers did you start on?

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