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ZX Spectrum 48K music-disk


Works on Spectrum 48K.
Please use real hardware (emulators give noisy beeper sound).


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We are very proud to present MISTER BEEP’s 4th album compiled for the ZX Spectrum 48K’s 30th anniversary. This collection of 9 tracks show off the capabilities of various beeper engines with their wonderful out of space grainy textures and old school feelings. Also includes guest tracks by Factor6 and irrlicht project.

via kittenrock» Blog Archive » KR057.

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This week on the FMA – Mister Beep!

Free Music Archive: Beep Beats.

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Mister Beep – a thousand furious bees

Newest album containing 10 multichannel 1-bit chiptunes , all recorded from REAL HARDWARE.

MISTER BEEP – “A thousand furious bees” 1-bit multichannel chiptunes made on ZX Spectrum 48K (beeper).


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New Spectrum48 1-bit engines

Hi. Last times Shiru released several incredible new sound-engines for ZX Spectrum 48K and its beeper, with various number of channels, various synthesis possibilities, and so on.

I decided to test each and every of them and – here are my results.

OCTODE engine provides 9 channels of sound (8 tones + drums).
Test result:

QCHAN engine allows to use 5 channels (4 tones + drums) with various envelopes of instruments and numerous level of volumes.
Test result

TRITONE engine gives 4 channels (3 tones + drums). Also it gives various modulations and volumes plus pretty rich set of drums.
Test result:

LyndonSharp engine is well-known 1-bit sound engine from 80s. Shiru reverse-engineered it so now it’s usable again. The engine has 3 channels, expressive sound and many cool drums.
tests’ result:

All the engines can be found on WOS forum: