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New Spectrum48 1-bit engines

Hi. Last times Shiru released several incredible new sound-engines for ZX Spectrum 48K and its beeper, with various number of channels, various synthesis possibilities, and so on.

I decided to test each and every of them and – here are my results.

OCTODE engine provides 9 channels of sound (8 tones + drums).
Test result:

QCHAN engine allows to use 5 channels (4 tones + drums) with various envelopes of instruments and numerous level of volumes.
Test result

TRITONE engine gives 4 channels (3 tones + drums). Also it gives various modulations and volumes plus pretty rich set of drums.
Test result:

LyndonSharp engine is well-known 1-bit sound engine from 80s. Shiru reverse-engineered it so now it’s usable again. The engine has 3 channels, expressive sound and many cool drums.
tests’ result:

All the engines can be found on WOS forum:

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