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Sarofer Zertaga – Divide by Zero



My newest release, Commodore 64 with SID chip 6581 running Mssiah. Check it out if you like C64 mixed with vocals.

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New Load/Save device for MSSIAH/PROPHET64

Just added my latest project:
MSSIAH and PROPHET64 Load and Save device!

Load and Save your C64 MSSIAH/PROPHET64 Songs/Instruments/Patches on a (micro)SD Card in high speed!

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MSSIAH CTRL Hardware Controller

This is MSSIAH CTRL – a custom DIY hardware control mod for the Mssiah synth.

If you’re not familiar with MSSIAH it is a cartridge for the Commodore 64 that turns the 64 into a MIDI synth module.

via Synthtopia.

Chipmusic • TCTD 2008 Awards

Best Hardware

The majority of the chip community are able to do what they do by standing on the shoulders of giants. These tech wizards design hardware modifications that allow integration with modern equipment, allow them to play their compositions on actual hardware, and make the arcane and some times obtuse world of technology more immediate and useful.

Your nominees are:

Powerpak – Retrozones little cart that could is quickly becoming the lifeblood of NES/Famicom development. With support for various mappers, and now the ability to easily play NSF music files and support various expansion chips, many artists can now record songs off real hardware that but a few months ago where merely dreams. If 2009 finds a flood of NES related output, it will surely be in no small thanks to the Powerpak.

– By building a better mouse trap, Trash80 has created a great piece of hardware that is easy for the novice to build, yet provides a great way to interface your gameboy into a modern studio. Furthermore, mGB gives another option for the midi studio nerds who are looking to capture the true chip sound.

MSSIAH – Similarly to the MGB, MSSIAH improves over existing software and makes it easier out of the box to integrate the awesome power of the SID chip with modern equipment. Tightly integrated with its software, and easily interchangeable with various models of c64 hardware, this is an elegant solution to a complicated need for getting your SID sounds into your existing work flow.

Little-Scale – Perhaps more so than any hardware developer, Australia’s Little-Scale has been consistently blowing away the community with his projects for Atari, Sega, Nintendo and more. His thirst for innovation is often matched by his clean, detailed documentation process and his ability to explain things in a simple yet evocative manner belies the complexities of his achievements.

Hardsid4U – If you must fake it, nothing beats using the actual chip, and no solution gives you more options to do so than the Hardsid4u. You are equally able to compose in a midi sequencer using the VST, in a windows program like Goattracker, in a traditional tracker using a Hardsid4u enabled Emulator, or simply enjoy SID files using a copy of Winamp. Along with its slightly more future proof usb interface, this is Perhaps the greatest combination of power, usability, and sound quality in its field, Hardsid4u is made with high standards and its developers provide top notch support.

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MSSIAH C64 MIDI SID Software cartridge Appeared

Those who have been in lascivious expectation of the release date of this super hyped C64 music software, wait no more: Today, the MSSIAH software is available for purchase from the MSSIAH website in exchange for 49.95 hard earned Euros.

Pay attention, though:

Control your C64 through MIDI

Control your C64 through MIDI

Incoming orders that are preordered are prioritized. Cartridge availability for non-preorder customers is extremely limited!
Unfortunately we need to restrict orders to
1 Cartridge per customer! (even for preorders!)”

So if you didn’t pre-order, you best hurry before they are sold out.

This is a good choice for those who want to use a C64 in their MIDI rig, however, I hope they fixed the serious issues from P64, since besides a quite useless Wave Player module (plays 4-bit samples, why not 8-bit samples after code for such a thing is widely available?), this is pretty much Prophet64 with a MIDI IN plug bolted on.