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8BC's Weekly Hot Tracks

8bcAnother week, another ten songs. This week in 8bc music:

Glomag – The Ecstasy of Gold
FearofDark – Sleigh Ride
Rushjet1 – The Grand Scheme
Emar – No I Don’t Have a Good Attitude
Jredd – Soul of the Samurai
EvilWezil – Carol of the Bells
Boomlinde – Uppfinnargroove
Switch Off, Goodbye – Fall Asleep & Crash
Multifaros – Bouncing
Calis – Observing Daylight

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Chipmusic • Free Music Archive

Today on the Free Music Archive: Multifaros!

Stay tuned next week for a sweet FMA exclusive release!

(T)he creative commons route can be a bold political statement, but for less widespread artistic voices, it can be the linchpin of their distribution model. This no less true for many in the chip music community. Label mp3Death is perhaps one of the more eclectic in the scene, with various lofo-fi and no-fi electronic recordings, all available with a liberal CC and a spartan easy to use single page design. Even in the chip community, the releases can be considered difficult listening, but through the keen curational style of its curator often impress as much as they challenge.

via Free Music Archive.