Multifaros – Yozef’s Journey

1. Yozef (Intro)
2. Leaving
3. Glad I’m Happy
4. Moldy Mountains
5. Traveling
6. The Freak
7. Dennis
8. Dennis’ Father
9. Love
10. Medical Advice
11. Train
12. Returning
13. A Better Place (Outro)

the swedish chip kid Multifaros is back with another release! It’s my 13th release so far, an album called “Yozef’s Journey”. It was released today at The songs are a bit more experimental than usual, though still very melodic, with influences from indie, ambient and postrock…

Here’s a direct link to the .zip with all 13 songs + cover:

If you want more tunes just visit my website at and check out my other releases!

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Multifaros – Dreams

Multifaros had a dream, and rather than read up on some of Freud’s theories, he instead made this beautiful album with a Guitar and Reason 3.0! Enjoy the floaty loveliness of the tracks, and have sweet dreams tonight!

via [CDK 043]