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Retro City Rampage Nominated for IGF Audio Award

Retro City Rampage is one of the five games nominated for the Independent Games Festival 2011 for Excellence in Audio:
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All music is 100% chiptune and all sound effects are done as synthesis following the original NES sound specification.
Soundtrack composed by Virt, Norrin Radd and Freaky DNA.
Soundtrack mixtape – 16K+ hits so far – have a listen !

Soundcloud-rcr_cassette_action.jpg (148 KB)

Soundcloud-rcr_cassette_action.jpg (148 KB)

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Enthralled by NESMETAL

Enthralled is an EP of two halves; the first sees NESMETAL experiment with new musical elements and ideas over the triptych of Ut Filiolus Palma, Labyrinth and The Risk, while the second is comprised of four rarities from various compilations and projects. But the real genius here lies in the first three tracks, where the addition of vocals and live guitar has pushed the NESMETAL sound to even further extremes in the pursuit and exploration of 8-bit inspired metal.

Lyrics for Labyrinth and The Risk can be found here.

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