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Neurobit – Maison De Verre Sur Le Chantier

After the previous release on tape: “Neurobit – War Of The worlds” which was reviewed in the April edition of The WIRE magazine, Bas Welling aka neurobit is coming with a new sound, a live recording this time, available as a free download. While just being released this new composition has been downloaded 2700 times in just a few days already!

So have a listen yourself!

Neurobit – Maison De Verre Sur Le Chantier (ca497)

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Neurobit – ”The War Of The Worlds” has arrived

They’ll probably move at dawn…

The War of the Worlds was an episode of the American radio drama anthology series, Mercury Theatre on the Air, broadcasted on the October 30, 1938 and directed and narrated by Orson Welles. The radio broadcast was based on the novel by writer H. G. Wells from 1898.

2012… the year that The War Of The Worlds recordings appear again. This time by Neurobit, an improvisation project by Bas Welling.The artwork is partly taken from the 2003 edition of the tape, but re-worked so it makes sense in the world as it is today.

ET007 Neurobit – The War Of The Worlds (C60 cassette) OUT NOW
limited to 100 copies, 11 copies with Space Invader art object (10 + 1 x bonus – numbered), also 1 final boss art object of the Space Invaders exists… somewhere in space and time…



Contact Neurobit at: riotfiles (at) lycos (dot) com

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New Neurobit 8inch record out now

Neurobit is a Dutch 8-bit experimental/ ambient artist working with Gameboy/NintendoDS/etc and lots of effect pedals to create improvised musical soundscapes. He has also released more dancable chiptune under the name R10T33R. Under R10T33R he played numerous chiptune events and festivals like Q-Base 2009 in Weeze Germany.

Neurobit just released the second 8? single that is not made of vinyl but from recycled plastic bottles. A bit more ambient than the previous one but still the same intensity. These 8 inches are limited to 100 copies and individually cut out of recycled plastic bottles!

Track titles:

A When All Means Fail
B Sweet Lullaby To End A Bad Day

More info check here:

The second 8 inch record is out now and available at these shops:

Enfant – Terrible (NL)

Praxis (DE)

Or by contacting the artist through email: riotfiles (at) lycos (dot) com


Chip In: Japan! The Push to $7500!


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Neurobit – Till It All Fades Away / Percussive Movement In Streaming Pulses (7″)


Neurobit got signed by Hollands best known electronica label Enfant Terrible. His debut 7inch is out now. Neurobit is currently recording his album. The second 8inch vinyl is planned for release in April of this year.

This is the promo text from the labels website:

8 bit spectacle…
Neurobit was already present on the Kamp Holland compilation and in several reviews his track was picked as one of the highlights from that release. This is the first official release of Neurobit on Enfant Terrible. Expect some bleeping psychedelics like an 8 bit version of Klaus Schulze and Terry Riley. Recommended to fans of minimal electronics, psychedelic music and chip tunes alike!


A Till It All Fades Away
B Percussive Movement In Streaming Pulses

Selected press quotes:

“Herausgekommen ist eine mysteriöse Platte, die zwei elektronische Experimente abliefert, die irgendwo zwischen Kraftwerk (die weniger poppige Seite) und elektroakustischer Musik im Stile von Artemiy Artemiev anzusiedeln ist. … Würde sich auch gut als Soundtrack zu einem 70er Jahre Science Fiction-Film aus Russland eignen.” (Backagain)

More info, soundclips and artwork can be found here:

For more info, interviews etc.. contact Neurobit at: