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New Neurobit 8inch record out now

Neurobit is a Dutch 8-bit experimental/ ambient artist working with Gameboy/NintendoDS/etc and lots of effect pedals to create improvised musical soundscapes. He has also released more dancable chiptune under the name R10T33R. Under R10T33R he played numerous chiptune events and festivals like Q-Base 2009 in Weeze Germany.

Neurobit just released the second 8? single that is not made of vinyl but from recycled plastic bottles. A bit more ambient than the previous one but still the same intensity. These 8 inches are limited to 100 copies and individually cut out of recycled plastic bottles!

Track titles:

A When All Means Fail
B Sweet Lullaby To End A Bad Day

More info check here:

The second 8 inch record is out now and available at these shops:

Enfant – Terrible (NL)

Praxis (DE)

Or by contacting the artist through email: riotfiles (at) lycos (dot) com

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