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TCTD Links for 2010-05-08

Chipmusic • Labels

A Chip off the Shizz Block, Volume One


A comp from the dudes over at the Shizz forum, lots of heavy hitters on this!

This album is the first installment of a compilation comprised of many talented chiptune artists from the Minibosses Message Forum at The Shizz. Not only is it intended to be a format for Shizz chiptune artists to share their talents, it’s also a new source for an annual fundraiser to help Shizzies get to MAGFest.

Track list after the jump:
01. MetalBishop – Famiclone Beatdown (02:02)
02. M-H – Welcome To… (01:45)
03. Mystic Nova – Fury of the Cyborg (02:30)
04. bucky – The Exorcist (Final Area BGM) (02:55)
05. Disasterphase – Ascend (03:58)
06. temp sound solutions – A New Dawn (03:33)
07. virt – Turbonugget (03:49)
08. Wizwars – Fly Away (03:01)
09. Phlogiston – I Was in the War, Damnit! (02:14)
10. Zio and TEH LOLZ – Soul Snob (02:23)
11. Norrin Radd – A Barrage of Hostile Abstractions (05:21)
12. Alex Mauer – I Guess Your Face Fell Off (00:58)
13. cacomistle – Blue, Brown, Pink, Grey (02:00)
14. Alex Atchley – RUFFTRADE (02:09)
15. Bit_Rat – Sunbeam (02:47)
16. Prizmatic Spray – Desert Dilemma (03:19)
17. temp sound solutions – Psionic Blast (03:58)
18. RushJet1 – Boss9 (01:18)
19. Norrin Radd – Paradoxes Are Unveiled (01:47)
20. Bit_Rat – Gimmick (02:13)
21. Mystic Nova – Aerosaga (02:07)
22. optomon – Hysteria (02:25)
23. Shnabubula – virtigo (01:46)
24. Neil Baldwin – Trapped (03:04)
25. virt – Sorcerors Battle (05:09)

via Concatenation Records – CCN016 – A Chip off the Shizz Block, Volume One.

Chipmusic • OtherPodcasts


The worlds premier chip podcast/art/thingy is out with text, art, and music by EvilWezil, Zen Albatross, Phlogiston, Malmen, and Cheap Dinosaurs:

This week’s theme: Travel Tunes

Act 1:

John woke up that morning feeling what he considered to be fine. His week was long, so it seemed essential to savor every second of his passing weekend. He began his morning routine by sitting down at his computer. No new e-mails. No new Friend Requests. No responses to any of his posts. It was hours later when he finally realized that he had spent his entire day pacing back and forth within the confines of his 200 square foot apartment.


Chipmusic • Labels

Phlogiston – Nectar “Double EP” out

31New EP out, but only in FLAC format on Pause.

Nectar is essentially two EPs in one. Croqel Adventure is the semi-sequel to Croqel – continuing the tradition of short, fun and pure NES tunes. Heat takes you back to an 80s vision of the future; you’re given a tour through a vast dystopian city where high tech low life roam the streets, and the differences between man and machine have been washed out.

via Pause